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what is weight?

the measure of the force of gravity on you

if a planet is more massive than earth, your weight would be...

more (x2)

if a planet is less massive than earth, your weight would be...

less (about 1/6)

what pulls down mechanisms inside scale?


what do mechanisms cause?

beams, or springs inside the scale that move

what is the amount of beam movement depended on?


what is mass?

the amount of matter in an object is

does mass change? and why?

no because it doesnt change even if the force of gravity changes

does the mass in your body change?


is mass a chemical or physical property?

physical property

what do scientists use to measure the properties of matter?

the international system of units

what is the SI unit of mass?

kilograms (kg)

how many grams are in a kilogram?


what is volume?

the amount of space that an object takes up

do gases have volume?


what is the SI unit of volume?

cubic mete (m), cubic centimeters (cm), liter (l), milliliter (mL)

how are volumes of liquid measured?

graduated cylinder

what are the two formulas for calculating the volume?

length x width x height

units = cm x cm x cm = cm cubed

does a kilogram of sand take up less or more space than a kilo of feathers?


is density a important property of mass?


what is density?

a measure of the mass of a material in a given volume

how can density be expressed?

g/cm cubed

can volume be measured by milliliters?


what is formula for density?

density = mass


will objects with greater densities than water float or sink?


will objects with less density than water float or sink?


what is density a physical property of?

a substance