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a tax on imported goods
an extra sum of money that borrowers pay creditors in return for the loan
strict construction
a belief that government should not do anything-such as start a national bank- that the constitutuion did not specifically say it could do .
loose construction
a belief that the constitution was only a loose framework of laws on which government could build the nation as it saw fit; government could do anything the Constitution did not forbid.
not taking a side
Jay's Treaty
an agreement made when Chief Justice John Jay went to London; Britian agreed to leave the forts it occupied in the Northwest Territory, this was aimed to help expand trade between the 2 nations; he was unable to convince the British to end the practice of stopping American ships on the high seas and searching them for British subjects; some thought it was a betrayal of revolutionary idals(sellout)
Whiskey Rebellion
it was in response to the whiskey tax; rebels closed courts and attacked tax collectors; Washington sent an army led by Hamilton and Gen. "Light Horse Harry"Lee and dissoved the rebellion
political party
a group of people who seek to win elections and hold public office in order to shape government policy and programs.
Why was Hamilton's debt plan controversal?
Some people did not want the federal government to interfer in local and state affairs and disliked Hamilton's new taxes.
How did the French Revolution highlight political differences within the U.S.?
Federalist- tended to oppose it seeing it as an example of a democatic revolution gone wrong.
Jefferson's supporters -viewed the French Revolution as an extension of the American Revolution; they like its rejection of government by kings and its acceptance of rebublican government.
Why did many Americans oppose Jay's Treaty?
Critics felt it contained no protection for American shipping and many Americans saw the treaty as a betrayal of revolutionary ideals (sellout); they hated the British
Summerize the differences between the first 2 political parties in the U.S.
Republicans or DemocraticRepublicans (historians call them Jefferson Republicans)-opposed the federalist wanted little government involvment
Federalist- felt bigger government was necessary to be a successfull nation.
What advice did Washington give Americans in his farewell address?
He warned against competing political parties, antipathies (hatreds) against particular nations and passionate attachments for others neutrality)