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this is another name for the lines of latitude
names the directions of north, south, east, and west
Cardinal Directions
This line runs north and south from the poles through England and is 0 longitude
Prime Meridian
a small map inset in the corner of a larger map that helps you understand where the subject area of the larger map is located on Earth
1. to turn around on an axis

2. causes day and night
1. meridians
2. 0 longitude = Prime Meridian
3. Measures distance east and west of the prime meridian
1. the shortest and longest day

2. there is a winter one and a summer one

3. They are Dec. 21 or 22 AND
June 21 or 22
a map that shows the boundaries of states and countries
political map
drawings that stands for real things
map symbols
a map that highlights Earth's natural features
physical map
a guide that explains the relationship between distances on a map and real distances
map scale
an imaginary line through the center of an object
a map that shows information about the past and present events
historical map
a physical map that uses color to show the height of land above sea level

(think "height" ..... "elevator")
elevation map
1. moves around an object in a circle

2. it causes our seasons

(think of a kind of door that _______ around a center point)
1. a map that indicates cities, highways, and points of interest

2. tells you how to get from here to there
road map
1. also called parallels

2. 0 latitude = equator

3. 90 N and 90 S = North & South Poles

4. measures distance north and south of the equator