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McMurray test

named after Emil McMurray


pain on external rotation of tibia= medial meniscus tear

pain on internal rotation of tibia=lateral meniscus tear

Unhappy triad of knee injury

planted leg hit from the side

makes you "LAME", injures:

lat meniscus (LAt MEniscus), though medial meniscus could also be injured bc it's attached to MCL


MEdial collateral ligament

long thoracic n. runs w ______ artery

lateral thoracic

common causes and locations of avascular necrosis

trauma, corticosteroids, alcoholism, sickle cell anemia

femoral head and scaphoid bone

muscle pain and stiffness w/o weakness

polymyalgia rheumatica

assoc. w/ giant cell arteritis

polymyositis vs dermatomyositis


poly: endomysial inflam. w/ cd8 cells

dremato; gottron papules, malar rash, heliotrope rash, often occult malignancy. perimysial inflammation w cd4 cells.

labs: elevated ck (it's muscle inflammation so there will be muscle damage), + for ANA, anti jo1, anti srp, anti Mi2

desmoplakin attaches to __________?


adherens junctions attach to__________


transient smooth papule or plaque


increased thickness of stratum spinosum

hyperkeratosis (psoriasis, calluses)

hyperkeratosis w/ retention of neclei in the statum corneum

parakeratosis (psoriasis)

epidermal accumulation of edematous fluid in intercellular spaces

spongiosis (eczematous dermatitis)


separation of epidermal cellls (pemph vulgar)


epidermal hyperplasia, esp. spinosum (acanthosis nigricans)

albinism vs vitiligo

albinism: normal melanocyte #. either decreased production due to tyrosinase deficiency or improper neural crest migration.

vitiligo: autoimmune destruction of melanocytes (decreased #)

acanthosis and perakeratotic scaling

psoriasis (also Auspitz sign= pinpoint bleeds w/ removal of scale) (also nail pitting) also pencil in cup deformity

multiple flat greasy pigmented squamous epithelial proliferations with keratin filled cysts

multiple seborrheic keratosis indicates underlying malignancy (usually GI) = lesser-trelat

painful inflammatino of subcutaneous fat

erythema nodosum

lichen planus?


pruritic purple polygolal planar papules and plaques

*** assoc w/ hep C

melanoma chemo

vemurafenhib= braf inhibitor

markers of neural tube defects

elevated AFP and acetylcholinesterase

(but in occulta may be normal)

anencephaly assoc. w/

maternal diabetes and folate deficiency

chiari vs dandy-walker

chiari is herniation of cerebellar tonsils and vermis. I is assoc w/ syringomyelia. II is Assoc w/ ventricular stenosis and hydrocephalus.

dw is agenesis of cerebellar vermis. Assoc w/ hydrocephalus and spina bifida

muscles of tongue derived from

occipital myotomes

Viridans streptococci attached to?

Fibrin and platelets

Diffuse esophageal spasm

Disorganize contractions of the esophagus that can mimic cardiac angina

How do beta blockers decrease afterload

By blocking renin released from the kidney


Weak opioid agonist/antagonist that can cause withdrawal