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The level of maintenance that includes actions relating to proper operation, daily inspection, cleaning, simple lubrication, and minor exterior repair and operational adjustment of equipment is called
Who is authorized to preform oranizational maintenance?
Qualified biomedical equipment technicians
Major repairs, overhauls, rebuilding of components and subassemblies, and manufacture of parts are mormally limited to whatlevel of maintenance?
What level of maintenance includes the systematic care, servicing, and inspection of equipment, and detection and correction of all minor faults before they develop into major defects?
Who is responsible for performing preventive maintenance?
Equipment operators and maintenance personel
The measurement and adjustment of various equipment parameters to ensure the accuracy is within prescribed standards best describes
calibration maintenance
How can a dental chair be stopped, if at all, once the perposition or auto return switch is activated?
Pressing any other switch or the safety stop plate.
What allows the dental chair to rotate to approximately 45 degrees from either side of the center and then lock in position?
On a dental chair, repairing or replacing the inner workigs of the hydraulic and electrical system is done by the
biomedical equipment repair technician (BMET)
The air and water to the control system of the dental unit are turned on by the
master ON-OFF switch
on the dental unit, which item adjust the flow of coolant seperately to each handpiece?
Water coolant flow control knob
What so you use to adjust the air and water flow from the 3-way syringe on the dental unit/
Syringe flow control only
Which item is used as a safety precaution to control drive air and coolant when burs are being placed or removed?
Handpiece lock out toggle
In the dental unit, what item allows the water coolant to be shut off without moving the handpiece for the oral cavity?
Wet/dry toggle
What step does not apply when removing and replacing the 3-way syringe?
Unscrew the tip nut completely to remove the tip