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In fin coil type heater, individual room temperature is controlled by:

1) Automatic valves

2) Air relays

3) Switches

4) Dampers

5) Supply ducts


One of the main considerations in the construction of radiators suitable for steam heating systems is:

1) Modern in appearance

2) Small heating surface area

3) Attractiveness

4) Large heating surface area

5) Light weight

Large heating surface area

Radiators can be classified as:

1) Legless, ductless and floor

2) Floor, window or ceiling

3) Window, duct or floor

4) Wall-hung, floor, and window

5) Ceiling, floor, window and legless

Wall-hung, floor, and window

Unit ventilators are:

1) Ceiling mounted unit heaters

2) Ceiling suspended unit heaters

3) Floor radiators

4) Baseboard type heaters

5) Cabinet type heaters

Cabinet type heaters

The vacuum pump performs the following function:

1) Supplies steam to the boiler

2) Returns the steam to the condensate receiver

3) Returns the condensate (water) back to the boiler

4) Supplies water to the condensate receiver

5) None of the above

Returns the condensate (water) back to the boiler