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Acts 1
Post-Resurrection Ministry of Jesus, ASCENSION, Appointment of an Apostle.
Jesus ascends and the apostles leave their axes at the foot of a tree (1)and climb up to have a meeting, each sitting on his own branch discussing the appointment of the new apostle.
Acts 2
PENTECOST - Coming of the Holy Spirit, First sermon of Peter during which 3000 were saved.
Holy Spirit comes to the upper room, (no need for an ax to get in). In the middle of which are a pair of shoes(2). Through the power of the Spirit, Peter walks out and preaches his first sermon and 3000 are saved.
Acts 3
Healing of the LAME MAN who asked for silver at the BEAUTIFUL GATE. Peter's SECOND sermon.
The lame man is sitting on a stool(3)outside the temple. He is healed and begins chopping wood with an ax, while Peter gets up on the stool to preach his second sermon.
Acts 4
PETER & JOHN JAILED. Power of the Holy Spirit displayed as well as generosity between believers.
Peter & John carried to the jail in a big black car (4)but the Holy Spirit displays his power and the believers are generous, giving axes to each other.
Acts 5
ANANIAS & SAPPHIRA. Mighty miracles are performed. Apostles imprisoned and miraculously released. GAMALIEL's Counsel.
A&S holding a money bag with gloves.(5) Boxing gloves = mighty miracles. The apostles imprisoned, pushed along with guards wearing big gloves; an angel comes and with gloved hands leads them out. Then Gamaliel gives his counsel waving his gloved hands.
Acts 6
DEACONS appointed
Deacons hold a dual with their 6-shooters, each wanting to be appointed. They have axes in holsters on the other hip.
Acts 7
STEPHEN's address and martyrdom.
The crowd throws big square stones that look like dice, killing Stephen while he gives his message.
Acts 8
SAUL persecutes the Church. PHILIP preaches in Samaria. Conversion of ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH.
Saul, like a poisonous SSSpider (8)persecutes the church and they scatter. Phillip goes to SSSSamaria (SSSSimon the SSSorcerer) and then to the desert road (where there were lots of spiders) and meets the Ethiopian eunuch.
Acts 9
SAUL'S CONVERSION, and start of preaching in Damascus. Peter's ministry in Lydia, DORCAS
Saul rides toward Damascus on his donkey CATillac and is converted. Peter ministers in Lydda (a place known for all its cats (9) and raises Dorcas from the dead. Her cat purrs loudly, glad to have her alive again.
Acts 10
Peter with CORNELIUS and the great sheet dream. GENTILES CONVERTED through Peter's preaching, and speaking in tongues.
This sheet descends FULL of toes (some have corns on them and some have ax injuries). The vision shows that Gentiles can be saved and they start speaking in tongues.
Acts 11
Peter defends his ministry. New name: CHRISTIANS, Church at Antioch.
Peter stands between the goal posts (11) with ax in hand and defends his ministry. Between the goal posts is a large banner with a word never seen before: Christians! Ants are climbing up and down the posts.
Acts 12
Herod kills JAMES. Peter imprisoned and miraculously escapes. Death of HEROD.
Herod, what an egg-head!, kills James and is happy to make the Jews glad. He then imprisons Peter but an angel escorts him out (walking on egg shells) and down the 'Rhoda.' Then Proud Herod is struck dead by God-- no more of the egg-head!
Acts 13
Barnabas and Paul sent on FIRST MISSIONARY JOURNEY to Cyprus, Antioch, Iconium.
Paul & Barnabas head out on their first missionary journey, followed by an evil witch riding her broomstick with 'DESTINATION: Cyprus, Antioch, and Iconium' written on it.
Acts 14
Paul stoned and left for dead. Lame man healed. Paul and Barnabas thought to be gods.
The crowds, with gold rings (14) glittering on their fingers, wanted to pick up stones & kill Paul & Barnabas; they escaped. After healing a lame man, Paul & Barnabas are thought to be gods (P&B wanted to 'wring' this idea out of the crowd's mind.)
Acts 15
COUNCIL AT JERUSALEM regarding Gentiles keeping the law. James speaks. Start of SECOND MISSIONARY JOURNEY, with contention over JOHN MARK.
Money is often the cause of CONTROVERSY, which this chapter has -- both the council and John Mark. James was not paid $$$ to speak and $$$ had nothing to do with the start of the second missionary journey.
Acts 16
Paul goes to Macedonia, LYDIA is converted. Spirit of divination is cast out from girl. Paul and Silas Imprisoned and released through EARTHQUAKE. PHILIPPIAN JAILER converted.
Purple c-canes(16)Man in vision wanted some! When the spirit was ordered OUT, they pointed a candy cane in her direction. Lines on the CC are like bars of prison or action marks of an earthquake. Phil. jailer converts-no more sugar!
Acts 17
Paul goes to Thessalonica and Berea. Paul at Athens gives his SERMON ON MARS HILL - 'to the unknown god.'
Mars Hill in Athens had all these seats that looked like molars,(teeth-17) the roots held them into the ground.
Acts 18
Paul stays in Corinth 1.5 years with Aquila and Priscilla. THIRD MISSIONARY JOURNEY. Apollos teaches boldly; is instructed further by A&P.
After 1.5 years with Mr/Mrs A&P, Paul graduates (18) having completed the core (Corinth) subjects and begins 3rd missionary journey. Apollos had the zeal of a new graduate, but needed a little further instruction.
Acts 19
Paul at EPHESUS performs miracles. DEMETRIUS causes uproar.
Think of the huge golf course (19)at Ephesus. Aprons and Handkerchiefs littered the place, having been used by people to transfer healing power from Paul. Greedy Demetrius the silversmith wanted to have a golf competition with Paul.
Acts 20
EUTYCHUS falls from the window while Paul preached. Paul's FAREWELL to Ephesus elders.
The lamps burned, like many cigarettes where Paul preached(20).The smoke made Eutychus pass out, but he FARED WELL because Paul raised him from the dead. The smoke caused tears in all the eyes of the Ephesian elders saying good-bye to Paul for last time.
Acts 21
PAUL goes to Jerusalem and is ARRESTED.
The boat with Paul sails toward Jerusalem, bobbing like a beer bottle on the waves. Beer causes great violence among crowds, people were intoxicated with the idea of killing Paul, dragging him out of the temple.
Acts 22
Paul's defense before the MOB IN JERUSALEM. He a Roman citizen!
Using the rifle (22)of his words, Paul defends himself before the riotous mob in Jerusalem. Citizens of Rome should be allowed to carry rifles.
Acts 23
Paul's defense before the SANHEDRIN. Jews scheme to kill him, but the info leadked out.
Paul continues to defend himself -- lots of cockroaches in the Sanhedrin. He is escorted at night (when roaches go about) by 200 soldiers and moved to Caesarea
Acts 24
Paul is tried before FELIX.
Felix, dressed in this fancy wedding gown (24)was quite a sight! He turned white (like the gown) by Paul's speeches, but also was hoping Paul would give him some money (did he want ANOTHER wedding dress?
Acts 25
Paul before FESTUS. King Agrippa's curiosity aroused and Paul comes before Him as well.
Into Festering Festus' quarters (25) Paul is brought.
Acts 26
Paul is tried before AGRIPPA, who is 'almost persuaded.
When a sore FESTERS, you need to get a good GRIP on a scalpel and clean it out! Agrippa comes after Festus, but wasn't quite persuaded to have the surgical procedure done.
Acts 27
Paul's in SHIPWRECK on way to Rome.
276 people on the ship that was wrecked - 27, the first two numbers. The people using shoes (2) as oars, try to steer the boat which bobbed on the ocean like dice.
Acts 28
Paul arrives in MALTA where Paul is bitten by the viper and heals many, then on to ROME.
eight - snake (rhyme) All roads END in Rome.