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ER Diagram. What is it. What are the elements. what does it do

A picture which shows the information created, stored, and used by a business system.

ENtities, Attributes, relationships

the process which validates the ER diagrams

Normalization; applies a series of rules to a logical data model to determine how well it is formed.

Considerations for observation(2)

Hawthorne Effect: if people know they are being watched, they will alter their course of action.

Heisenberg Principle: white coat, 20% of people’s blood pressure goes up when its being taken.

Data Flow Diagram

A data flow is a single piece of data or logical collection of several pieces of information.

Data Flow Diagramming:

technique that diagrams the business processes and the data that passes through them. Created by the project team and reviewed by users.

Feasibility kinds

Technical, Organizational, Legal/Political, Cultural, Economic.

what is feasabliity

guides the organization in determining whether to proceed with the project and the important risks associated with the project if it is approved.

organization feas from project

Project Champions: President Hrabowski, Professor Norcio.

Senior management: Members of group 1

Users: UMBC Community

Stakeholders: UMBC faculty and administration, students, friends, family, campus police, and anyone involved in the Maryland University system.

We strongly believe that the project is strategically aligned with schools operations considering the fact that UMBC has spent $16 million since the start of the summer to renovate the entrance to campus.

Economic Feasibility from proj

Development costs: $10 million

Annual operating costs: $100,000

Annual benefits (cost/savings and/or increased revenues): Revenues will likely increase due to various fines that students/staff will incur if they do not adhere to various rules and regulations.


products that are ready-made and available for sale to the general public. For example, Microsoft Office is a COTS product that is a packaged software solution for businesses. COTS products are designed to be implemented easily into existing systems without the need for customization.


* Need identifiers (primary keys)


technique that allows users, the project team, and management to work together to determine the requirements of a system.

Capers Jones claims that JAD can reduce scope creep by 50%

JAD is a structured process in which 10 to 20 users meet under the direction of a facilitator skilled in JAD techniques.

created by IBM


performs the analysis, design, and implementation phases concurrently in order to quickly develop a simplified version of the proposed system and give it to the users for evaluation and feedback.

Throwaway prototyping:

includes the development of prototypes, but uses the prototypes primarily to explore design alternatives rather than the actual new system.

Extreme programming:

emphasizes customer satisfaction and teamwork. Developers communicate with customers and fellow programmers, thus response to changing requirements and technology is fast.


A person, group, or organization that affects or is affected by an organization.