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Chartres, Nave. View to East


elevations of a) Laon, B) Paris, C) Chartres, D) Amiens

Reims Cathedral, West Facade

1250 Reims, France

Spires attempt to "pierce levels" and accentuate the verticality of the building

fringes on columns interacts w/ each other

Reims. Interior

1250 Friz-ench. Gothic as fuuuuck

Reims. Exterior


more naturalistic treatment represents departure from gothic and renewed interest in classical approach

St. Chappelle. Upper Chapel

1400, Paris

Built to house crown of thorns- related to Louis' status as "rex Christianmoste"/ successor to tribal kings of old test.

Moralised Bible. M. 240

1230, Toledo

Commissioned by Blance of Castile and Louis


Recalls windows of St. Chappelle

Salisbury Cathedral

1220 Salisbury, England

Like other English Cathedrals, has longer, flatter footprint, strongly projecting transepts



Salisbury. Nave


English Gothic. Strong divisions between floors, "coloristic effects"

St. Elizabeth. View to Southeast corner

1235 Marburg, Germany

St. Elizabeth

1235, Marburg, Germany

Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux


artist: Pucelle

betrayal of Christ @ L and anunciation and Joan praying in initial D @ R

Virgin and Child of Jeanne d'Evreux


Madonna and Child Enthroned

1310 Florence

Artist: Giotto

use of intuitive perspective, shading, to create "believable" 3d space

Arena Chapel. interior

1300, Padua

shows the lamentation