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The mission of the military personnel element (MPE) is to provide quality personnel support to commanders, AF members, and their family members through.
a) administration of personnel programs
b)maximum economy, efficiency, and service
c)efficient management of personnel resources
d) translating personnel programs into individual actions affecting people
b)maximum economy, efficiency, and service
The agency that is the focal point for translating all military personnel policies and programs into actions affecting personnel and acts as the personnel resource manager is the
a) military personnel element (MPE)
b) customer service section
C) personnel Resource agency
d)consolidated civilian personnel office
a) military personnel element (MPE)
Regardless of command affiliation, active duty military personnel elements (MPE) services all active duty AF members collocated
a) on an installation with a host command MPE
b) off an installation without a host command MPE
c) on and off the installation with an AF Reserve (AFRC) MPE radius beyond 50 mlies
d) at a geographically separated unit (GSU) without a host command MPE
a) on an installation with a host command MPE
Who is in charge of the record function at each MPE where the AF Form 10, UPRG is maintained?
UPRG Custodian
Who must maintain and ensure records are corrected as needed for the UPGR?
UPGR Custodian
Individual date review listing (IDRL) is automatically produced
On the anniversary date of a members date arrive station (DAS)
When conducting a record review, customer support screens the UPGR and removes
obsolete documents and gives them to the member
Customer support screens the UPGR removes obsolete documents for personnel at a geographically separated unit, places documents in an envelope, and mails them to the member
in conjunction with a records review
When processing a discharge and immediate reenlistment, the customer support section screens the UPGR and removed which documents and forwards them to HQ AFPC with the reenlistment documents?
Promo orders (except for current grade), waiver documents from previous enlistment, and enlistment orders.
MPE element transferring the UPGR must account for records transferred using
AF Form 330, Records transmittal/request.
What form does an individual use to request correction to military records?
DD Form 149
Within what time frame must the individual submit a request for corrections to military records to the AF Board of Corrections of Military Records?
Within three years after the error or injustice was discovered.
When requesting correction to military records, who is responsible for gathering sufficient evidence of probable material error or injustice?
AFBCMR acts for the Sec of AF and it's decision is final except when it
involves an appointment or promotion requiring confirmation by the Senate
Members are eligible to apply for a join spouse assignment if they are on extended active duty and
meet all PCS eligibility requirements
An AF member selected for an assignment and married to a member of another US military service must complete a letter application and
the individual must include a statement from the member's spouse indicating he or she wants the join spouse assignment.
When an AF member marries en route to a PCS and the member and new spouse are assigned to different location, the individual must
immediately report to the nearest AF installation and apply for a join spouse assignment
After updating the join spouse assignment intent code, how does customer support dispose of the AF Form 1048?
File the AF Form 1048 in the member's UPGR.
If a couple is overseas and they do not have the same overseas date of eligible to return from overseas (DEROS) and they desire to be reassigned at the same time, then the one with the
earliest DEROS must extend
Which statement is true if a member proceeds on a voluntary assignment from a join spouse assignment?
The member cannot later join the spouse unless they are eligible under some other assignment program.
What is the tour length restriction if a member without dep. joins spouse who is serving an unaccompanied tour overseas?
the member must serve the accompanied tour length.
Who should an AF member contact to change a join spouse assignment intent after selection for a join spouse assignment?
When couple PCS to the same or adjacent location and reside jointly, what does the MPE include in the remarks section of the PCS orders regardless of the assignment action reason?
Assignment is to join spouse
MPE may close customer service fuctions during normal duty hours for inhouse training programs if closure are approved by the
installation commander and advertised to the service population.
In the objective wing structure, the MPE ai aligned under the
Who ensures equitable assignment of 3S0X1 personnel for host units?
MPE CC and Superintendents
At the end of the fiscal year, AF members who are assigned to an operational mission at the national level can keep accrued leave up to
90 days when they have at least 60 days assigned
When an AF member becomes ill or needs hospitalization while on leave, who advises the leave approving authority?
The next of kin
Convo leave begins on the day for discharge from a MTF and ends on the
day before the member returns to duty.
What is emergency leave?
Chargeable leave that is granted within the limits of accured, advance, or excess leave for a personal or family emergency that requires the member's presence.
The date that leave requests appear on the Daily Resigister of Transactions (DROT) must be posted to the
unit leave control log
When a unit begins a new series of leave authorization numbers on or after 1 OCT, this is determined by the
Financial Services office (FSO)
Block assignements must be verified against the Daily Register of Transactions (DROT) at least every
45 days
The orginal Notification Memo must be sent to the MPE within
10 days
The Individual Newcomer Treatment and Orientation (INTRO) program is a tool that commanders use to make sure that members who have relocation pending are able to obtain
Personnel assistance through sponorship, if requested
A base INTRO program manager is not responsible for
implementing the INTRO program
The base INTRO program manager prepares a sponor kit that includes a
base fact sheet
Within what timeframe of their selection as sponsor should a sponsor mail the sponor kit to an inbound member?
7 calendar days
Which one fo these categories is not a part of the CSS responsibilities during unit in=processing procedures?
financial support
medical support
locator information
military equal opportunity
Medical Support
Amn Smith just arrived to your unit, her duty information must be updated within
1 duty day
When divorced military members do not have custody of their childern, when are they eligible to receive BAS?
When it preserves the visitation rights of the member.
In which ranks are enlisted members automatcally authorized BAS?
E7 to E9
What factors can the CC consider when authorizing BAS for members who are not automatically authorized to receive it?
Dining hall capacity and location of member's residence
Which type of BAS must be approved by the SecAF?
Rations under emergency conditions
How often is a unit required to verify BAS authorization?
Within what timeframe must the MPE return the essential station messing (ESM) roster to the food service officer?
5 work days
All of these items are required on the ESM addition/deletion letter except
Office symbol
Who determines which optional documents are filed in a members's UIF ?
Today, the CC signed section V of an AF Form 1058, UIF action, putting a SSgt on the control roster, What is the final disposition date?
The disposition date will be 12 months from today
Which document is an optional item that may be filed in an UIF?
Article 15 punishment
What is the only mandatory document that is referred to an officer with the AF Form 1058, UIF Action, before it is filed in an UIF?
Letter of Reprimand (LOR)
How many duty days does a member have to acknowledge notice od an intended action to establish an UIF?
What does the UIF monitor mark on the front and back of an UIF folder?
For official use only
How long after a permanent appointment to a CC must a CCreview all unit UIF?
within 90 days
When does the UIF monitor audit UIFs?
at least twice a year
What action is taken by the TDY CC when an UIF is established on members who will return to their permanent duty station they complete the TDY?
Send the completed package to the member's unit CC
The stated purpose of the control roster is to
observe and monitor members who have demonstrated substandard duty performance.
Who has the authority to place a member on the control roster?
Unit CC
Which action should CC consider before entering or removing a member from the control roster?
Directing that an EPR or OPR be written
When will SSgt Jones be removed from the control roster if he was placed on it on 9 MAR?
8 Sept at 2400hrs
When can a member who is on the control roster change units under a PCA action?
When the PCA is essential to the mission and the losing and gaining CC concur.
What action takes place once a CC signs the AF Form 1058?
The members acknowledges the action and submits statements on his or her own behalf within 3 days.
What must be included when a Record of Individual Counseling (RIC) is forwarded from the initiator to a member's CC?
All supporting documentation and statements from witness to the member's behavior.
If a LOC is not placed in the member's UIF, it must be
placed in the PIF.
Which is normally a reward for good behavior?
The maximum Article 15 punishment a CC can impose is based on
grade of CC and the offender
Which ranks can be demoted for just cause?
Amn through CMSgt
A CC may initiate admin demotion action after a member re-enlists for events or actions that occurred before the current enlistement
when the CC was not aware of the facts and circumstances until after the term of enlistment expired.
What is the lowest grade to which a SSgt can be demoted?
All of the following are reasons for demotion except
conduct unbecoming an officer
The CC is submitting a memo to demote A1C Hooper. What information does the memo contain?
A statement that Hooper may request a personal hearing before the initiating CC.
Members who have been notified of a projected admin. demotion must present either oral or written statements in their own behalf within how many duty days after they have been notified?
How many days can a member be placed in duty status "Whereabouts Unknown"?
10 days
You change members' duty status to "Failure to go" when they have an unauthorized absence of
24 hours or less
You may change member's duty status to "deserter" if they are absent for less than 30 days and
have action pending on a previous unauthorized absence.
What action does a CC take on the 31st day of a unit member's unauthorized absence?
Retrieves ID cards from the member's dependents
The Selective Re-enlistment Program (SRP) applies to
all enlisted personnel
A1C Frosty is a first term airman who enlisted for 4 years. When will she be considered under the SRP?
Once she has completed 33 months of active service
What does the CSS staff provide to the immediate supervisor of a member who is due SRP consideration?
What action does the unit CC take when all members on the SRP roster are selected for continued service?
Initial and date each page of the SRP roster and sign and date the last page.
How long does the CC wait to make a recommendation when a person is new to the unit due SRP consideration?
No more than 90 days.
To whom does a career airman with 14yrs active service appeal when the unit CC does not select him or her for reenlistment?
Wing CC
If airman have appealed their nonselection for reenlistment, how many workdays do they have to acknowledge the decision of the appeal authority?
What part of the SRP roster must be returned to the MPE?
Part 1, SRP actions
What part of the SRP roster indentified amn who have not applied for a CJR?
Customer support is responsible for verifing a member's eligibility for an ID card and for
determining which benefits and privileges the ID card entitles and eligible member.
What can you use to verify ID card eligibility if you cannot access the DEERs?
A previous DD Form 1172, Application for Uniformed Services ID Card - DEERS Enrollment
How do you verify eligibility for an ID for members who are retired with pay?
Retirement order or DD Form 214
After verifying official gives the orginal DD Form 1172 to the applicant and distributes the remaining as necessary, they advise the applicant that the DD Form 1172 is valid for how many days?
When a family member's expired ID card cannot be retrieved voluntarily by letter from the sponor, unit CC, or MPE, the MPE
reports the circumstances to the chief of security forces or military police of the military installation nearest the unauthorized family member's address.
When, if ever, does the MPE destroy a DD Form 1172 and documentation?
One year after the card expires
According to special procedure for parole and excess leave, the MPE retrieves ID crads from the member and family members when the
member's discharge is executed
If an admin or judicial action that authorized the MPE to destroy an ID card and reissue a temp ID card is not resolved within 90 cal days from the start of the action, the
MPE may reissue cards for an additional 90 days if necessary
The real-time automated personnel ID sys (RAPIDS) provides a network of microcompters linking the MPE in the DEERS database to provide
on-line addtions, retrieval, and update of family member inforamtion to the DEERS database
What is required to sign on to the RAPIDS
DEERS logon ID and password
What is the restriction on changing your RAPIDS password as often as you desire?
You can change a password only once within 24 hour period
What option from the file menu in RAPIDS expands to include beneficiary and family options?
Open a Family
What is the first action you take if you forget your DEERS password?
Call the DEERS/RAPIDS Assistance center (DRAC) for a temporary password
Full-time SGLI is authorized for all members on active duty and for members on active duty for training under a call or order that specifies
a period of 31 days or more
MPE conduct annual SAV to CSS to
evaluate status of training and compliance with personal programs
To what agencies must the MPE report any functional personnel problems that substantially limit a CSS mission capability?
The MPE accomplishes all personnel actions where personnel are
not assigned to a GSU and the GSU has no admin capability.
A request to establish an AFRC satellite personnel activity (SPA) must be submitted by or through the
Numbered AF to HQ AFRC
Which is not a basic parameter/interface for a SPA?
SPA must belong to the host MAJCOM.
A joint mission is the employment of forces of
two or more services in a coordinated action toward a common mission.
Joint doctrine allows commanders and their staff to focus on solving problems in all of the following areas except
Duties and responsibilities such as displaying good conduct and correct military appearance are not listed on the speciality description because they are
considered inherent in the duties of all airmen
Which of the following is not a personnel journeyman duty?
Advise members on official and personal obligations incident to relocation, training and promotion.
Which personnel journeyman duty corresponds with the personnel journeyman responsibility of preparing and processing correspondence, forms, and MILPDS transactions?
Performs personnel actions
Creation of force status information for the wartime function of personnel accountability depends heavily on
force manpower requirements.
Which wartime function is not considered a force sustainment mission?
Activities normally focused on the individual, rather than the unit or organization
Who is responsible for ensuring personnel support for contingency operations (PERSCO)
When collecting information under the Air Force Privacy Act, it is DOD policy
to protect individuals forms from unwarranted invasion of their personal privacy.
Which item of information can you release to a third party without written consent from the member?
Base pay
When the information is to be entered into a system of records, collect all information directly from the individual in order to preclude any adverse determinations about an individual's
rights, benefits, or privileges
Give classified information only to persons who have been granted the appropriate clearance, have a need to know the information, and
have signed a Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement
Classified documents are marked to warn the holder about the classification of the information, indicate the level of protection required, and to
give guidance on downgrading and eventual declassification.
Interior pages of a classified document are conspicuously marked or stamped at the top and bottom with the
highest classification of information appearing on the page.
On which forms do you record end of day security checks?
SF Form 701
which method of destruction is not authorized for classified documents?
The two officials who must destroy TS documents are the
destruction official and witnessing official
One advantage to using an AF container number with an AF Form 12 and proper
ability to trace a container all the way to its recipient
Which of the following may be used when sending an admin communication with a Secret classification to an office on the installation via the Base Information Transfer System (BITS)?
AF Form 12 and container numbers
Normally when would you take follow up action if the AF Form 12, Accountable Container Receipt has not returned?
Within 14 workdays from the date of dispatch.
When you discover discrepancies as you process incoming accountable communications you must
notify the sender immediately
The items you need to modify your MILPDS folder are located
on the navigator window.
Which option is available in the auto query field box in the Save Folder?
To which Microsoft program can you export folders created in MILPDS?
When using MILPDS, which function key enters you into the query mode?
When using MILPDS, Which function key initiates the search on your query criteria?
How many categories can you select when performing group queries in MILPDS?
When working with the DJMS, all of the following are MPE responsibilities except
designing and implementing programs to support the MILPDS/DJMS interface.
Cat 1 transactions are input by the MPE through the DDN to
DFAS-DE for input to the DJMS.
In a DJMS transaction, the first two positions and third and fourth positions, consecutively, identify
the type of transaction generated and what the transaction will do upon processing at DFAS-DE.
When a member reports to the MPE with a pay problem or inquiry, the MPE
contacts the FSO to determine if the pay inquiry can be resolved without the member's presence.
The purpose of the file monitor transaction register (TR) is to notify the MPE workcenter that an action is about to happen and to
make sure the MPE takes immediate corrective action on any projection that should not consummate.
A data change TR is produced in what sequence?
Alpha, by record, by workcenter, and by the MPE
What TR is produced when pay-affecting transactions input by the MPE are rejected at the DFAS-DE?
DJMS reject
Under MILPDS, what is the vital link in determining security in the human resources environment?
For MILPDS, you must have a unique USER ID, the possibility that your USERID is reused is
moderately high
When discussing PERSCO policy, HQ USAF/DPXJ
develops and overseas PERSCO policy for all levels of personnel.
A unit type code (UTC) is a
5 character, alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies each unit of the armed forces and identifies manpower and logistics requirements.
A core UTC is a method of
improving a AF's overall combat capability by making sure that a command structure is available at each deployment.
As a focal point for processing activities, what, if any is the relationship between the cargo deployment function (CDF) and the deployment processing function (DPF)?
There is no relationship