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IAW OPNAVINST 4790.8B, what is the maximum allowable number of items that can be listed on the Equipment Guide List (EGL)?
Limited to no more than a single day's work. If more than 1 day is required separate EGL's are prepared for each.
Where will you find "Warning" and "Caution" statements on the Maintenance Requirement Card?
Listed prior to applicable steps and/or procedural actions.
Which manual aids work center personnel in identifying/acquiring materials for planned maintenance and presents identification/supply information?
Standard PMS Material Identification Guide (SPMIG)
Maintenance personnel are directly responsible to and should make all reports conerning PMS to who?
Work Center Supervisor
When is an Equipment Guide List (EGL) required?
When MRC applies to two or more identical items scheduled at the same time.
On which PMS schedule will you find your name listed to show maintenance assigned to you?
13 Week Accountability Log.
"Special Tools" required for maintenance actions are listed on what?
Tools, parts, materials and test equipment block on the MRC.
Who is authorized to line out inapplicable alternate steps in the "procedure" block on a MRC?
Work Center Supervisor may line out non-applicable line items that do not pertain to current equipment/configuration when the step is followed with the words "if applicable" or a note identifying steps to be omitted.
What PMS document contains an inventory of all MIPs currently assigned to work center?
List of Effective Pages (LOEP).
When submitting a Feedback Report, who dates and serializes it?
3-M Coordinator
On a MIP page under related maintenance, the # sign means what?
There is mandatory related maintenance associated with the MRC. Maintenance requirements that must be accomplished concurrently with another maintenance requirement.
Who is responsible for the effective operation of divisional maintenance?
Division Officer.
Who is responsible for the effective operation of a work center?
Work Center Supervisor.
What is a LOEP?
The LOEP provides a listing of the Maintenance Index Pages (MIP) and also system equipment not requiring PMS assigned to each work center.
What does periodicity code "2W" stand for?
Accomplish every second week.
What does periodicity code "S" stand for?
(34 C1MX N) is the system control number. What does the 34 stand for?
3rd month, 4th year (March, 2004) of last change to MRC.
What is a FBR?
Feed Back Report is used to notify Fleet Technical Support (FTSC) of matters related to PMS, i.e.; technical discrepancies, shift of maintenance responsibility and Tycom assistance.
What type of feedback report deals with safety issues?
Urgent, when the reason for submission of a PMS FBR involves safety of personnel, ship or potential for damage to equipment and relates to the technical requirements of PMS.
On the LOEP in the adds/changes column, what symbology denotes a MIP issue change?
Dash (-).