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Explain why routers are protocol dependent.
They can only process packets that adhere to the protocol family that it supports.
vol 4 sect 617 Router and gateway basics.
What are three forms that a COMSEC manager must prepare each month?
SF 701 Activity security checklist; SF 702 Security container checklist; AF form 1109 Visitor register.
vol 2 sect 202 Controlling Access to COMSEC material.
If interupt 3 and interupt 7 both ring the CPU at the same time, which interupt request does the CPU handle first?
The processor will service requests starting at the lowest and moving to the highest.
vol 3 sect 404 Interupt requests.
Where are the request for COMSEC equipment processed through.
The Standard Base Supply System(SBSS).
vol 2 sect 204.
What limitations are there in parity checking for data integrity?
It can only detect an error, it has no mechanism to do anything to correct or identify the exact location of the error.
vol 3 section 405.
What is the first indication that a NIC should be replaced?
The software or hardware loopback fails.
vol 5 sect 815.
If classified information is not under the personal control and observation of an authorized person, where and how is it kept secured?
It must be guarded or stored in a locked security container, vault, room or area.
vol 1 section 027.
At a minumum, what is the distribution of transfer report copies for received COMSEC materials.
Return one to the CPSG, one copy to the sender if the sender was not CPSG, send one copy to the MAJCOM, and put a copy in folder 1 of the COMSEC Account file book.
vol 2 section 204 Requesting & processing COMSEC materials.
If the extra bit is used by a parity check as necessary to make the total number of positive(ones) bits an even number, what type of parity checking is the system using?
Even parity checking.
vol 3 sect 405
Who appoints the COMSEC manager?
The Wing/Installation Commander
vol 2 section 201
When may classified defense information be withheld from United States citizens?
Only when necessary to the nations security interests.
vol 1 sect 018.
What is the preffered method of listing material on AFCOMSEC form16?
You should arrange the list of material alphabetically by short title then numerically, showing the edition, quantity, and the accounting control number.
vol 2 section 203.
What type of transmission cable is by far the least expensive type of network media and is also easiest to install.
Twisted pair.
vol 4 sect 605.
What are the two functional categories of performance management?
Monitoring-tracks historical data by tracking activities on the network.
Tuning-deals strictly with the adjustment of the parameters on the network devices to improve their overall operation.
vol 5 sect 802.
What type of information do we gather from a monitored interface by using HP OpenView?
Packets received, errors received, packets transmitted, errors transmitted.
vol 5 sect 817.
What interupt controller is the least intelligent and why?
keyboard controller, it has no memory, so every time a keystroke arrives it must hand off the keystroke to the CPU before another keystroke comes in.
vol 3 section 404.
What component actually notifies the CPU that a device is requesting attention?
The PIC(Priority Interupt Controller).
vol 3 sect 404 p# 1-18.
What do Hetrogeneous networks consist of?
Computer systems from different vendors that run different operating systems and communication protocols.
vol 4 section 604.
When does an interrupt request occur?
When a device is requesting service from a CPU.
vol 3 sect 404.
How do we determine the max folder size for file server users?
Follder sizes are dependent on the server technology and size versus the importance and number of individual users.
vol 5 section 809.
Device drivers working on the MSDOS were loaded into what system file?
Device drivers were loaded into the config.sys file with [DEVICE=] statement until Microsoft began publishing the Windows 98 and WinNT operating systems.
vol 3 section 406.
Define COMSEC aids.
Specific COMSEC material other than equipment, such as keying material, codes, call signs, authentication systems, identification friend or foe(IFF) codes and operating or maintenance manuals.
vol 2 section 204.
In what two areas does the Comm Squadron 2000 initiative recognize the need for change?
1. The need to shift to a work force adept at computer networking.
2. The need to shift to a work force ready to deploy in support of expeditionary warfare.
vol 1 section 005
What is the difference between a bridge and a switch?
The big difference between a bridge and a switch is that bridges are software-based while switches are hardware based.
vol 4 sect 616.
What layer of the OSI model defines the DTE and DCE interfaces?
The physical layer.
vol 4 section 614.
What is the first step in the process that ensures what we do on our network stays on our network and isn't readily available for anyone to access or intercept whenever they choose to do so.
The first step is the process of analyzing the network for known and unknown risks to the security posture.
vol 5 sect 819.
What provides the CA with guidelines used to classify or to determine the sensitivity of their data?
The responsible data sources.
vol 5 section 819.
What are the three basic funtions of chipsets?
They act as system controllers that bring the functions of the entire pc together, giving all the support the microprocessor needs to function. They act as a peripheral controller and operate input/output expansion busses and disk interfaces. As a memory controller, they link the microprocessor to the memory system.
vol 3 sect 401.
Describe a homogenous network.
Made up of components from the same vendor or compatible equipment that all run the same operating system or network operating system.
vol 4 sect 604
What is the numbering system that computers use to represent data?
vol 4 sect 612.