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test cases

a set of conditions under which a tester will determine whether an application, software system, or one of its features is working as it was originally established for it to do

test plan

document detailing the objectives, target market, internal beta team, and processes for a specific beta test for a software component under test

functional tests

quality assurance process and a type of black box testing that bases its test cases on the specifications of the software component under test

non-functional tests

tests the way a system operates rather than specific behaviors of that system: baseline testing, compliance testing, endurance testing, load testing, performance testing, etc.

structural testing

white-box testing; tests internal structures or workings of an application, as opposed to its functionality: control flow testing, data flow testing, branch testing, path testing, etc.

testing levels

unit testing, component testing, integration testing, component integration testing, system integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, alpha testing, beta testing

unit testing

make sure the code is working fine and meets users specifications

component testing

the whole component is tested

integration testing

test modules after integration

component integration testing

test system after integration of modules

system integration testing

testing in coordination with other systems

acceptance testing

ensure that the requirements are met

alpha testing

testing done at developers site

beta testing

testing done at customers site

aspects of testing activities

design, automation, execution, evaluation

impact analysis

analyzing the impact of the changes in the deployed application or product

coverage metrics

measures used to describe the degree to which the source code of a program is tested by a particular test suite: function, statement, branch, condition

regression testing

seeks to uncover new software bugs in existing functional and non-functional areas of a system after changes have been made

difference between testing and debugging

debugging is conducted by programmers and then fixed by programmers, testing is done by testers and then fixed by programmers

equivalence testing

defines test cases that uncover classes of errors to reduce the total number of test cases

boundary testing

test cases are generated using the extremes of the input domain

quality management

manage the quality of software and its development process to meet the requirements

give reasons why software testing is necessary by giving examples

Betatesting of an application that is to be sent to a company before it is releasedfor use – it wouldn’t be good if it was sent out and the software didn’t meetthe requirements

Explain the relationship between development, test activities, and work products in the development life cycle by giving examples

Abeta version of an application goes back and forth between development and testactivities until it is ready to be a work product. Development is the process of creatingsomething to make sure it meets the requirements. Test activities are when testing is done toensure that the application is working properly and can handle user data. The work product is the end result of theprocess, so when the application is released to the public.

what are the several strategies for software debugging?

brute force, backtracking, cause elimination

what are the possible origins of software faults and failures

Requirementsnot met, requirements are impossible to implement, the architecture is wrong,the integration does not work, the system requires too much resources, etc.

what is meant by priority and severity in the context of software testing for modeling defects?

Severityis the extent to which a defect can affect software. Priority is the order in which a defectshould be resolved.

what are the 6 security properties for testing software?

Confidentiality,integrity, data security, authentication, availability, andnon-repudiation.

Define software acceptance testing using a software development scenarioby providing an example.

Putsoftware into a scenario to see if it works. Like the software for an ATM, you have the user try to access theiraccount, deport, and withdraw to see what happens.

Define testing traceability matrix

Adocument that correlates two pieces of software that require a many-to-manyrelationship to determine the completeness of the relationship or software

What are the 4 aspects of software testing activities?

Testobject – the target of the test, specific objectives – activities that arereasons why the test will be executed, test basis – set of information that canbe used to define what the test object is supposed to do, entry and exitcriteria – defines when a test can start and when it is consideredfinished.

What are the details of the 4 aspects of software testing for unittesting?

Testobject – components, program modules, functions, programs, database modules,SQL request depending on the granularity of the software or system to test,objective – detect failure in the component, reference materials – requirementsapplicable to the component detailed specification, source code, and algorithm,entry and exit criteria – defines when a test can start and when it isconsidered finished.

What are the details of the 4 aspects of software testing for integrationtesting?

Testobjective – components, infrastructure, interfaces database system, filesystem, objective – detect failure on the interfaces and exchange betweencomponents, reference materials – design documentation for the software orsystem, entry and exit criteria – components are available and passed & allcomponents are integrated and all message types have been exchanged withoutdefect

Provide an example of software testing impact analysis.

Aftercompletion of a module, another is to be added. So, the creator must test the new module as well as the impacted areathat is affected by the new module.