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The values by which we judge the conduct of individual researchers and the morality of the research strategies they use is known as...
From an ethical perspective, researchers are obliged to do research in a way that is most likely to produce valid results of _____to society.
From an ethical perspective, we must respect the ____of individuals to participate in the study
In research, participants have a right to know what they would begetting into should they choose to participant in a study. This is known as...
informed consent.
Prior to participating in a study, but after being provided an information form, a participant should sign a ...
consent form.
If the authorities want to see how someone responded to a questionnaire or a test, the researcher _____ supply that information.
From an ethical perspective, the notion that researchers need to maximize the benefits associated with conducting a study is known as the principle of ...
From an ethical perspective, the notion that researchers need to minimize the risks associated with conducting a study is known as the principle of ...
From an ethical perspective, the principle of justice urges that the benefits and burdens of research be ______as fairly as possible.
From an ethical perspective, the principle of trust can be facilitated by helping to ensure that the information provided by participants remains ...
If a study involved some form of deception, the participants should be ____of this fact after the study.
From an ethical perspective, misrepresenting results or fudging data would be a violation of the principle of ...
scientific integrity.
With respect to Stanley Milgram’s study on obeying authority, what percentage of participants regretted participating in the study 1 year after it was conducted?
less than 1%
If a lecturer wanted to collect data from students relevant to the amount of hours they study, levels of anxiety, and mid-semester exam performance for the purposes of demonstrating to the students the use of multiple regression in a later lecture, would ethics approval from the university be required?
In the context of ethics and research, a professor asking his or her students to participate in a study may be construed as unethical, as the professor and the students may be argued to have an _____ relationship.
Offering financial payment to potential participants may be considered unethical, as it may be argued to be a form of _____.