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What is the uniform of the day?

Peanut butters(navy service uniform)

When is the baggage scale calibrated?

Once every year or as requested

When is the flight advisory updated?

Every night

What are the only 2 occasions the American flag will be taken down?

When the flag is frayed, torn, or damaged. Also if the light is out on the flag pole.

What is the flag pole number?


What form is the Flight Plan?


Codes for DV Summary




A- Air Force

C- Coast Guard

CV- Civilian

F- Foreign

What does RON stand for?

Remain overnight

Manning the crash phone

Don't say anything, LISTEN to the information, when the operator says DV respond with your initials in the phonetic alphabet

What are security measures?

Utilizing the x-ray machine, the wand detectors, the stand-up metal detector, and ensuring you visually check the service members identification

What is the maximum capacity for the lounge?

28 people

Where is the POW flag flown?

It is flown on the left side of the flag pole if looking at the building. Opposite side of the DV Flag location

What happens if a bag is unattended?

They will be treated like a threat and base police. DO NOT take any packages or anything from anyone that needs a pm flight,that person needs to wait with the package until it is on the aircraft.

What needs to be weighed?

All bags going on any flight. If one person has more than one bag they all must be weighed together to get an accurate weight.

Where will trash from international flights be placed?

The trash will be disposed of in the international trash bin at the Mac terminal.

What number do you dial in case of emergency?


Who will be given the Next of Kin in case of a crash?