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Amendment 1
Freedom of religion, speech, and press
Rights of Assembly and Petition
Amendment 2
Right to Bear Arms and own a gun
Amendment 3
Housing of Soldiers: Quartering Act
Amendment 4
Search and Arrest Warrants: Search warrant or probably cause before authorities search, seize goods, and arrest people
Amendment 5
Rights in Criminal Cases: Right to grand jury, protection from double jeaprody (being tried fro same thing twice), right of no self-incrimination (do not need to take stand in court), entitled to due process of law (fair process of law), and eminent domain (nothing taken by government without proper value)
Amendment 6
Rights to fair and speedy trial
Amendment 7
Rights in Civil Cases: trial by jury
Amendment 8
Bails, Fines, and Punisments: no cruel and unusual punishments (death penalty)
Amendment 9
Rights Retained by the people: people have more rights besides those listed in constitution
Amendment 10
Powers Retained by states and the people: federal government only has powers given to them by Constitution
Amendment 11
Laws against states: citizens of state cannot sue another state in federal court
Amendment 12
Election of president and vice president: seperate ballots for president/vice president
Amendment 13
Abolition of slavery
Amendment 14
Civil rights: gives blacks rights and extends due process to states
Amendment 15
African American Suffrage: Black men have right to vote
Amendment 16
Income tax: government can tax income
Amendment 17
Direct Election of senators: people choose senators
Amendment 18
Prohibition of Liquor: no more selling/manufacturing/producing alcohol
Amendment 19
Women's suffrage: women have right to vote
Amendment 20
Terms of the president and congress: changes inaguration date from March 4 to January 20
Amendment 21
Repeal of prohibition: liquor/alcohol now legal to sell/produce/manufacture
Amendment 22
Limitation of Presidents to Two Terms
Amendment 23
Suffrage in District of Columbia: Washing DC gets 3 electoral votes for presidential election
Amendment 24
Poll taxes: no longer pay tax to vote
Amendment 25
Presidential Disability and Succession: establishes what happens if president can not fulfill his duties
Amendment 26
Suffrage for 18 year olds: voting age changed from 21 to 18
Amendment 27
Congressional Pay Raises: members of congress can vote themselves a pay raise to go into effect the following session (after next election)