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A pharmacy must register as a distributor if it distributes more than ____% of all controlled substances to another registrant within _____ yr (s)? Applies to both KS & MO
5%, 1 year
How many members consist of the Board of Pharmacy in both KS & MO?
7 members (6 Pharmacists + 1 voting public member)
MO- 1 pharmacist must be a clinical pharmacist at a hospital, skilled nursing facility or intermediate care facility. Members are appointed by the Governor and each term is 5 years
KS- each term is 4 years
CII prescriptions are valid for a period not to exceed ____ in a LTCF or patients with a documented terminal illness? Applies to both KS & MO
60 days from the issue date
DEA 222 order forms for CII prescriptions must be filled within what length of time from the supplier?
Applies to both KS & MO
60 days
A dispenser and distributor must register how often?
Applies to both KS & MO
dispenser (pharmacy) every 3 years
distributor (warehouse) every year
In Missouri, the prescription hardcopy (record) should be kept on file for how many years?

In Kansas?
MO -5 years from the date of dispensing

KS - 5 years from the last date of dispensing
In MO, DEA 222 forms must be kept on file at the pharmacy for how many years?
2 years
Inventory records shall be kept for how many years in MO?
2 years
What was the point of Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970?
Differentiates between tamper-resistant and child-resistant packaging. Failure to to dispense a drug in a child-resistant package that requires one is a misbranding violation of FDCA
Time frame a pharmacist has to obtain the original Rx from a physician for an emergency CII? Applies to both KS & MO
7 days
Allowable time to complete a partial fill for a CII for a patient residing in a LTCF? Applies to both KS & MO
60 days
Allowable time to complete a partial fill for a CII for an ambulatory patient? Applies to both KS & MO
72 hours
In MO, a Rx written for an animal, what is required on the Rx?
1. Species of animal
2. Name and address of the owner
Pharmacist's in MO must inform the executive director of the BOP ____ days following any effective change in his/her employment address?
15 days