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The required fire resistance of a building element shall be permitted to be established by ______ in accordance with Section 722.
CALCULATIONS- section 703.3
Identification and marking of fire separation walls, if required, shall be located within _____ feet of the end of the wall and at intervals not exceeding _______ feet.
15- -30- section 703.7
What does SFRM stand for?
The required fire-resistance rating of exterior walls with a fire separation distance of greater than 10 feet shall be rated for exposure to the fire from the _______.
INSIDE- section 705.5
Fire walls shall be continuous from exterior wall to exterior wall and shall extend at least _____ inches beyond the exterior surface of exterior walls.
18- section 706.5
Each opening through a fire wall shall be protected in accordance with Section 716.5 and shall not exceed ____ sq. ft.
156- section 706.8
Fire walls shall extend from the foundation to a termination point at least ____ inches above both adjacent roofs.
30- section 706.6
Unless required elsewhere in the code, _____ partitions are not required to have fire-resistance rating.
SMOKE- section 710.3
A ______ fire-resistance rating is required for smoke barriers.
1-HOUR- section 709.3
An enclosed elevator lobby shall be provided at each floor where an elevator shaft enclosure connects more than ______ stories.
THREE- section 713.14.1
Shaft enclosures shall have a fire-resistance rating of not less than 2 hours where connecting ______ stories or more.
FOUR- section 713.4
Membrane penetrations of maxium 2-hour fire-resistance-rated walls and partitions by steel electrical boxes that do not exceed ______ square inches are permitted.
16- section 714.3.2
Through penetrations of horizontal assemblies shall be protected by an approved firestop system with an F-rating / T-rating of not less than ____ but not less than the required rating of the floor penetrated.
1-HOUR- section 714.
Where floor/ceiling assemblies are required to have a fire-resistance rating, ______ fixtures shall be installed such that the required fire resistance will not be reduced.
RECESSED- section 714.4.1.2
Fire door assemblies in interior exit stairways and exit passageways shall have a maximum transmitted temperature rise of not more than ______ degrees F above ambient at the end of 30 minutes of standard fire test exposure.
450- section 716.5.5
In nonfire-resistance-rated assemblies noncombustible penetrating items that connect not more than ____ stories are permitted, provided that the annular space is filled to resist the free passage of flame.
FIVE- section 714.4.2.1
Fire doors shall be _____ -closing or ________ -closing.
SELF,AUTOMATIC- section 716.5.9
Fire-protection-rated glazing shall bear a permanently affixed _____ or other identification.
LABEL- section 716.6.8
A listed _______ __________ designed to resist the passage of smoke shall be provided at each point a duct or air transfer opening penetrates a corridor enclosure required to have a smoke and draft control doors.
SMOKE DAMPER- section 717.5.4.1
Smoke damper leakage ratings shall be Class _______. Elevated temperature ratings shall not be less than ___ degrees F.
I or II , 250- section 717.3.2.2
In other than Group R Occupancies, draftstopping shall be installed so that horizontal floor areas do not exceed _____ square feet.
1000- section 718.3.3
Unfaced fiberglass batt insulation used as fire blocking shall fill the entire cross section of the wall cavity to a minimum height of _____ inches measured vertically.
16- section 718.2.1.2
For fire-resistance purposes, ____ inch of unsanded gypsum plaster shall be deemed equivalent to ¾ inch of one-to-three gypsum sand plaster or 1 inch of Portland cement sand plaster.
1/2- section 719.2
The provisions of section 722 contain procedures by which the _____ _____ of specific materials or combinations of materials is established by calculations.
FIRE RESISTANCE- section 722.1 table?