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A casino gaming floor is considered a ___________ __________ occupancy.
A-2- section 303.3
A motion picture theater is an example of a group _______ occupancy.
A-1- section 303.2
Places of religious worship and bowling alleys are examples of group ______ occupanicies?
A-3 – section 303.4
Arenas and indoor tennis courts with spectator seating are examples of Group _____ occupancies?
A-4 – section 303.5
Stadiums and bleachers are an example of Group ____ occupancies?
A-5 –section 303.6
Banks are an example of a Group ___ occupancy?
B –section 304.1
Educational Group E includes the use of a building by ____ or more persons at any one time for educational purposes through the 12th grade.
6 –section 305.2
Textile manufacturing and other moderate-hazard factory uses are to be classified as Group___ occupancies.
F-1 –section 306.2
The use of a building for the fabrication and assembly of metal products is considered as a Group ___ occupancy.
F-2 –section 306.3
Buildings that contain materials that pose a detonation hazard shall be classified as a Group _______.
H-1 –section 307.3
Buildings and structures that contain materials that present a deflagration hazard or a hazard from accelerated burning, shall be classified as a Group____.
H-2 –section 307.4
Buildings or structures that contain materials that readily support combustion or present a physical hazard shall be classified as Group ____.
H-3 –section 307.5
Buildings and structures that contain materials that are health hazards shall be classified as Group ____ where the amounts exceed the maximum allowable quantities.
H-4 –section 307.6
Semiconductor fabrication facilities and comparable research and development areas in which hazardous production materials (HPM) are used are classified as Group____.
H-5 –section 307.7
A Group I-1 occupancy shall include a building or part thereof for more than _____ persons who reside on a 24-hour basis in a supervised environment and receive custodial care.
16 –section 308.3
Hospitals, nursing homes and similar medical care facilities shall be classified as Group___ occupancies.
I-2 –section 308.4
A Group I-3 occupancy shall include buildings that are inhabitable by more than___ persons who are under restraint or security.
5 –section 308.5
Adult day care and child day care.
 I-4- section 308.6
Rooms and spaces within places of religious worship providing custodial care during religious functions shall be classified as___.
part of the primary occupancy. –section 308.6.2
Motor fuel-dispensing facilities and department stores are examples of Group ____ occupancies?
M –section 309.1
Transient hotels and motels are examples of Group ____ occupancies.
R-1 –section 310.3
Apartment houses containing more than two dwelling units are considered Group ___ occupancies.
R-2 –section 310.4
Nontransient congregate living facilities with ______ or fewer occupants are classified as Group R-3 occupancies.
16 –section 310.5
Facilities for more than five but not more than 16 occupants, excluding staff, who reside on a 24-hour basis in a residential environment and receive custodial care are Group _____ occupancies.
R-4 –section 310.6
Buildings used for storage that are not classified as a hazardous occupancy are classified as Group _____.
S –section 311.1
Moderate-hazard storage, aerosols, baskets, boots and shoes, dry boat storage, furniture, silks & candles.
S-1- section 311.2
Low-hazard storage, beverages, cement in bags, food products, fresh & frozen foods, glass, and appliances.
S-2- section 311.3
Barns, greenhouses, tanks and towers are all examples of Group____ occupancies.
U –section 312.1