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Openings for attic ventilation having a least dimension of not less than ____ inch and not more than ___ inch shall be permitted.
1/16- -1/4- section 1203.2.1
The minimum natural ventilation openable area of an occupied space to the outdoors shall be ___ percent of the floor area being ventilated.
4- section 1203.4.1
Interior spaces intended for human occupancy shall be provided with space-heating systems capable of maintaining a minimum indoor temperature of ___ degree F at a point 3 feet above the floor on the design heating day.
68- section 1204.1
Where natural light is utilized for illumination purposes, the minimum net glazed area shall not be less than ___ percent of the floor area of the room served.
8- section 1205.2
Where artificial light is utilized for required illumination, it shall provide an average illumination of __ footcandles over the area of the room at a height of ___ inches above floor level.
10- -30- section 1205.3
Yards adjacent to exterior openings that provide natural light or ventilation shall not be less than ___ feet in width for buildings two stories or less above grade plane.
3- section 1206.2
Habitable spaces, other than a kitchen, shall not be less than ___ feet in any plan dimension.
7- section 1208.1
Every dwelling unit shall have at least one room that shall have not less than __ square feet of net floor area.
120- section 1208.3
Crawl spaces shall be provided with a minimum of one access opening not less than __ inches by __ inches.
18- -24- section 1209.1
An opening not less than __ inches by __ inches shall be provided to any attic area having a clear height of over 30 inches.
20- -30- section 1209.2
The intersection of toilet, bathing and shower room floors with walls shall have a smooth, hard nonabsorbent vertical base that extends upward onto the walls not less than __ inches.
FOUR- section 1210.2.1
Shower compartments and walls above bathtubs with installed shower heads shall be finished with a smooth, nonabsorbent surface to a height not less than __ inches above the drain inlet.
70- section 1210.2.3