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A-201. What is the function of pepsin?
Break proteins into peptides and free amino acids
A-201. Phenylalanine is the basis for the creation of what hormones and NTs?
T3, T4

Dopamine, Norepi, and Epi

Also melanin in skin
A-201. Serotonin and melatonin come from what amino acid? This is also the precursor of Niacin (B3).
A-201. Hemoglobin abd creatine come from what AA?
A-201. Pt has a musty odor smelling urine, very light skin, and is mentally retarded. What is the dz?
A-201. This dz is due to a defect in membrane transport of tryptophan imapairing reabsorption and intestinal uptake. Yields niacin (B3) deficiency - Pallagra
Hartnup Disease
A-201. This is a lack of G-6-P and leads to reduced gluconeogensis and increased glycogenesis even if pt is hypoglycemic. What dz?
Von Gierke
A-201. This glycogen storage dz leads to hepato/cardiomegaly, organ damage, and muscle hypotonia.
A-201. This glyc storage dz leads to hepatomegaly.
A-201. Muscle is starved for glucose for glycolysis. Get progressive muscle weakness despite high muscle glycogen content.
A-201. Vitamin D deficiency can cause what clinical symptoms?
1.) Rickets in kids

2.) Osteomalacia in adults

3.) Inc risk of osteoporosis, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer
A-201. Wet and dry beriberi are signs of what deficiency?
A-201. Lack of folic acid can lead to...


Neural tube defects if mother is lacking early in pregnancy
A-201. Increased fructose-6-P increases_______, which increases fructose-2,6P, increases______and increases glycolytic activity

A-201. Wha are the functions of hexo/glucokinase?
Hexokinase: ensure supply of glucose for tissues as well as avail other hexoses to cells

Glucokinase: remove glucose from blood following a meal
A-212. An infant comes to the ER who is a few weeks old. His mother says he has lost a lot of weight, vomits after breast after breast feeding, and has not grown very much either. What saccharide disorder might he have?

Build up of galactose that can present this way in infants
A-210. Identify the lysosomal storage disease based on:
1.) corneal clouding + MR

2.) corneal clouding + norm intelligence

3.) No corneal clouding + MR
1.) Hurler Syndrome

2.) Scheie syndrome

3.) Hunter Syndrome
A-201. What happens when an overwhelming amount of Acyl CoA enters the mitochondria?
1.) TCA cycle becomes saturated

2.) Acetoacetyl CoA, the precursor to keton bodies, is made