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Primary Sports Preparticipation Screening Overview

-CV Screen - HCOM

-Hx of loss of consciousness/concussion

-Recovery from MSK injury

-General Health/Gen health counseling

-Assessing fitness level for sports

Evaluation of Syncope


-loss of consciousness (LOC) and duration helps differentiate neurocardiogenic (vagal) from atypical

-time of day

-weight changes

-activities leading up to event

-patient posture

-assoc symptoms (palpitations, chest pain, color change, headache, shortness of breath, nausea, diaphoresis, visual changes & hearing changes)

pearls for cardiac syncope -assoc with exertion/exercise calls for thorough cardiac eval

-prolonged LOC (>5min), chest pain, palpitations, cardiac hx favor cardiac syncope dx.

- seizure - facial cyanosis, aura, frothing, tongue biting, slow recovery/postictal drowsiness, confusion suggest

- seizure II - syncope in supine position; convulsion; warm, flushed cyanotic skin instead of pallor and diaphoresis

PE - cardiac, neuro, EKG

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

irritation of the growth plate at the tibial tuberosity (front of the tibia bone). It is usually a self-limited growing pain that resolves with rest and with finishing the growth spurt.

Most common cause of Chest Pain in an adolescent


-precordial catch syndrome: sudden, sporadic pain, usually left sternal border, exacerbated with deep inspiration, resolves spontaneously ----costochondritis

Angina vs. Precordial Catch


-onset - exertional

-quality - pressure/crushing

-timing - 10-15 min

-assoc sx - syncope, palpitations

Pre-cordial Catch

-onset - sporadic, unassociated with exertion

-quality - sharp & well localized

-timing - very brief, seconds to minutes

-aggravated by deep breathing

GI causes of chest pain

any cause of gastric irritation





-cocaine/other drugs

PE for Chest Pain

-fever suggests infectious etiology like pericarditis or pneumonia

-thrill, hyperdynamic precordium, murmurs

-body habitus (marfans)

-chest wall for injury (MSK)

Performance Enhancing Drug Side Effects

-Anabolic steriods may only increase your aggressiveness in the gym, leading to building muscle mass

-testicular atrophy

-consequences of drug testing

-other bad side effects

Two minute MSK PE

screening exam to find MSK issues in an generally asymptomatic pt. looking for symmetry in strength, muscle bulk, range of motion

Teenager Vaccines

Tdap booster (12 years old)

Meningococcal - dose 1 at 12 and 2 at 16

HPV (3 dose starting at 11/12 yoa)

Heart Murmurs worth further eval in adolsescents

- Grade III/IV

- Diastolic Murmur

- Murmur that increases with valsalva/standing

GU exam for males in pre-sports visit

-Hernia check

-undescended testicles

-demonstrate testicular self-exam

Tanner Stages

1) childlike phallus; test vol < 1.5ml; no pubic hair

2) childlike phallus; test vol 1.6-6 ml; small, fine pubic hair

3) increased phallus length; test vol 6-12 ml; moderate amount of curly, pigmented, coarse pubic hair

4) increased phallus length and circumference; test vol 6-12; coarse curly adult like pubic hair doesn't extend to thighs

5) adult; test vol > 20 ml; pubic hair extends to medial thighs