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in the box
in the garden
I am
I may go
I was
I will come
if you wish
in the barn
the red apple
the red cow
must be
must go
is going
it is
in the grass
in the water
the old man
the old men
some bread
some cake
the blackbird
the black horse
so long
so much
my brother
my father
on the chair
on the floor
will look
will read
in the window
is coming
the funny man
the funny rabbit
will buy
will go
the small boat
the small boy
the new coat
the new doll
the little dog
the little pig
the little chicken
the little children
the yellow ball
the yellow cat
the white duck
the white sheep
could eat
could make
his brother
his sister
about him
about it
they are
they were
then he came
then he said
when you come
when you know
all day
all night
a pretty home
a pretty picture
to go
to stop
by the house
by the tree
her father
her mother
has come back
has found
a new book
a new hat
a big house
a big horse
to the school
too little
for the baby
for the girl
he would do
he would try
did not fall
do not go
can play
can run
your mother
your sister
at school
at three
when I can
when I wish
to the farm
to the nest
down here
down the hill
too soon
up here
to the barn
to the house
for them
from home
was found
was made
up here
up there
he is
he was
we are
we were
what I say
what I want
went away
went down
as he did
as he said
down there
for him
as I do
as I said
it is
it was
you will do
you will like
down the hill
down the street
would like
would want
I will go
if I may
if I must
if you can
you are
you were
will think
will walk
with mother
with us
at home
at once
from the farm
from the tree
can fly
can live
has made
has run away