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conscript( v )
enroll into military service by compulsion; draft
When there were not enough volunteers for the armed forces, the government had to -- additional men and women.
inscription (n )
something inscribed on a monument, coin, etc.
The --- on the inside of their wedding bands read, " Nicole and Adam forever."
prescribe (v)
( literally, " write before" )
The law --s that aliens may not vote.
2. order as a remedy
Her physician --ed some pills, an light diet, and plenty of rest.
proscribe ( v )
condemn as harmful or illegal; prohibit; forbid.
The dumping of wastes into the waterways is --d.
scribe ( n )
person who writes;author; journalist
Both candidates used professional --s to prepare their campaign speeches.
script (n)
1. written text of a play, speech, etc
How much time did the actors have to memorize the --.
2. handwriting; penmanship
I knew the note was from Mabel because I recognized her --.
subscriber ( n)
one who writes his or her name at the end of a document, thereby indicating approval; one who regularly receives a magazine, newspaper, etc.
The petition to nominate Sue for president of the junior class already has forty-three --s.