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a system in which society as a whole, represented by the Communist party, owns and controld property and the means of production.
Satellite Nations
nations that were held under Soviet domination came to be called satellite nations.
Soviet troops occupied much of Eastern Europe. The Soviet leaders, who promised free elections, did not follow through. In Hungary, where free elections WERE held in November 1945, in Hungary, communist candidates received what percent of the vote?
Communist candidates recieved only 17% of the vote in Hungary.
Stalin, a Soviet leader, then supervised all "free" elections with Soviet troops... voters then gave what percent of the vote to communist candidates?
Unsurprisingly, voters now gave 90% of votes to commmunist candidates. This happened in Poland and many other nations of Eastern Europe that were occupied by Soviet Troops.
Why did Stalin occupy all of the polling booths with soviet troops?
To be certain of a communist government.
To restore the devastated Soviet economy, the Soviets romoved whole factories, transportation equipment, and machinery from the satellite nations. Stalin also ordered ________, or forced removals, of leaders of satellite nations who were deemed disloyal.
What Former Prime Minister identified the new threat of Communism to the US in his speach in March 1946 at Fulton, Missouri? *President Truman was there.*
Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill
What phrase in Churchills' speech became very popular when describing Soviet policy in Europe from 1945 - 1989?
"iron curtain"
What message did Churchill give to the American people?
Churchill warned about the threat of Communism to our government of democracy.
The Communist wanted to abolish _____, ______, _____, and in return guaranteed productive work, shelter, education, health care, and a classless society in the new "people's democracies" of war-torn Eastern Europe.
They wanted to abolish poverty, privilege, and private property.
President Truman responded with a policy of ___________ -preventing the further spread of communism.
Did the "containment policy" catch on?
No.. some believed it wasn't decisive enough. Others, like Walter Lippmann, warned that the US could not contain the Soviet Union everywhere. Such a policy, he said, would require the US to defend all anticommunist governments-no matter how repressive or unpopular they might be.
What was Lippmanns' occupation?
Lippmann was a newspaper columnist. He may have used his occupation to instill this idea onto the American people to gain support.
Lippmann published his newspaper columns on containment in a book called..?
The Cold War
The title, a term coined by Lippmann to refer to a state of war that did not involve actual bloodshed, came to be used by everyone, including the President, to describe the icy rivalry that existed between the United States and .... ?
the Soviet Unions
President Truman decided that the United States must act. In March 1947 he told Congress that if the US was not willing to give aid to Greece & Turkey to contain communism, democratic governments everywhere would be threatened. What was the catchy title of Truman's policy?
Truman Doctrine
What did the Truman Doctrine propose?
it proposed that the US provide military and economic aid to Greece and Turkey, protecting them from Communist invading. This was the first step into shifting the US away from peacetime isolationism. (the truman doctrine superseded the monroe doctrine)
Soon after the Truman Doctrine went into effect, the administration proposed a plan for economic aid to Europe. There was shortages of food, fuel, raw materials, and money in European nations. The Truman administration realized that economic woes in France, Italy, and other Western European countries might lead to the election of communist governments. Who proposed a massive recovery act of European Nations?
Secretary of State, George C. Marshal. This was known as " The Marshal Plan".
Durring the Truman years, the US gave how much money to the nations of Western Europe?
$13 billion
Believing that rebuilding their economies without rebuilding their military strength might invite Soviet aggression, five Western European states formed an alliance in March 1948. They invited the US to join. In April 1949, with Senate approval, what did Truman create?
Truman created what is known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
What is collective security?
an agreement by which "an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against all of them."
The Solviet Union, in Sep. 1949, expoded the first atomic bomb. This forced the US to build a more distructive weapon... what is it?
The hydrogen bomb. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union created this bomb also.
Review- Identify:
Cold war, Truman Doctrine.
All this information in previous cards. Have Fun! LOL
Review- Define:
communism, statellite nations.
All this information in previous cards. Have Fun! LOL
Review- Explain:
explain how the Solviet Union controlled its Satellite Nations.
All this information in previous cards. Have Fun! LOL
Review- Summerize:
summerize the Trumans' administrations foriegn policy goals.
All this information in previous cards. Have Fun! LOL
Review- Analizing Policies:
How did exercising the Truman Doctrine in Greece nullify the Monroe Doctrine of 1823?
All this information in previous cards. Have Fun! LOL
Review- Define:
purge, containment, collective security.
All this information in previous cards. Have Fun! LOL
Review- Identify:
Marshal plan, NATO
All this information in previous cards. Have Fun! LOL
This concludes Ch. 20 Section 1 of American History, The Modern Era Since 1865.
Try It Again. Usually the more you do it, the More you Learn!