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Astronauts are alert to the propinquity of sudden accidents.

Nearness in time or place

The egotist is vulnerable to slights and insults

Open to attack, susceptible

Electronic music is considered nothing more or less than Cacophony by many.

Discord, harsh sound, dissonance

Advertisers spend large sums too explicit the lucrative teenage market.

Profit by, utilize

The winning teams dressing room with a scene of bedlam.

Confusion, uproar

A white elephant

Costly and useless possession

It is the prevalent mood for youngsters to be disgruntled with the world situation.

Unhappy, displeased

Many people hoped that the United Nations would be the panacea for the problems of our time.

Cure all

The criminal tried to eradicate all of the witnesses to the bizarre murder.

Wipe out

An inflatable sign of spring is the blooming of the crocus.

empty from error, right

Nothing could impede the bigot from his vitriolic verbal attack.

Interfere, block, hinder

Lock, stock, and barrel

Entirely, completely

Locked and loaded Marine! you tracking..

There is something absurd about a well dressed, sedate man throwing snowballs.

Quiet, still, undisturbed, sober

The serenity of the courtside was shattered by the explosion.

Peaceful repose, state of rest

The speaker lost his compatible and begin to invective when the audience started to laugh.

Humorous, well matched

A feather in one's cap

Something to be proud of

Who is not vulnerable to some measure of avarice?

Greed, passion for riches

The american consumer appears to have an in insatiable need for new products.

Cannot be satisfied

He hooked up on the last place finish of his team with equanimity, from this nadir the only place to grow up.

Lowest point

We ought to expect some irrational behavior from the senile person.

Unreasonable, absurd

With the expansion of the supermarket, the small, local grocery store is in a moribund state.

Dying, at the point of death

Out on a limb

In a dangerous or exposed position