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Water supply to house minimum size


Showers used for other than safety reason shall be equipped with flow control devices to limit total flow to a max of ___ GPM per shower head

2.5 GPM

Lav faucets in public toilet facilities limit water to a max of ____ gpm unless a metering faucet is provided that limits delivery to a maximum of ____ GPM per metering cycle

.5 GPM

.25 GPM

Max temp of public restroom faucet


Max temp in domestic hot water in residential buildings shall not exceed _____°F


Flushometer toilets shall use max of ____Gallons per flush

1.6 gallons

Flushometer type urinals shall discharge a max of ____ per flush

1 gallon

All two-piece toilets shall be low consumption flushing ____ gallons per flush

1.6 gallons

The fixture water supply pipe shall be extended to within at least _____ inches of the point of connection to fixture

30 inches

Factor value X Demand Factor = ____

CV (pipe size)

To boost water pressure in a home you use what?

Booster pump and pressure tank

All concealed tub/shower valves shall be _____

Provided with renewable seats

Main controls on all water mains and branches, shall, when fully opened, have a cross sectional area ____________ in which they are installed

Not less than the cross sectional area of pipe

All potable water pressure tanks shall be provided with a vaccum relief valve at the top of the tank that will operate up to a max water pressure of ______ PSI and to a max water temp of ______°F

200 PSI


Potable water connections to a heating boiler shall be provided with an appropriate ______ to prevent cross connection

Backflow preventer or air gap

How is the size of the air gap measured?

Lowest end of potable water outlet to flood level rim

What is the minimum size air gap?

Twice the effective opening of potable water outlet

Vaccum breakers shall be installed with the critical level at _____ above flood level rim of fixture they serve

Least 6"