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The force that two surfaces exert on
Static Friction
Friction that acts on objects that are not moving
Sliding Friction
When two solid surfaces slide over each other
Rolling Friction
When an object rolls across a surface
Fluid Friction
Occurs when a solid a solid object moves thru a fluid
A force that pulls objects toward each other
Measure of the amount of matter in an object
Force of Gravity on a person
Free Fall
The only force acting on an object is gravity
Air resistance
objects falling are supposed to fall at the same rate
Terminal Velocity
The greatest velocity a falling object reaches
An object that is thrown
1A What are the four types of friction?
Static, Sliding Rolling and Fluid Friction
1B What factors affect the friction force between the two surfaces?
How hard the forces push together and the types that are involved.
1C What types of friction occur when you ride a bike through a puddle?
Fluid friction and rolling friction
2A What is the law of universal gravitation?
Any two objects in the universe that attract each other.
2B How do mass and distance affect the gravitational attraction between objects?
Mass and distance
2C How would your weight change on the surface of an Earth- sized planet whose mass was greater than Earth's? Why?
It would get lighter cause there's lass gravity.
3A Why does an object accelerate when it falls toward Earth's surface?
Because the force pulls it in
3B How does the mass of an object affect its acceleration during free fall?
It makes it go faster
3C. What force changes when a sky diver's parachute opens? What force stays the same?
Air Resistance