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Anatomic position:
standing upright, palms forward, feet flat.
4 layers of the body wall superficial -> deep
1. Skin
2. Fascia
3. Muscle
4. Bone
What is the largest organ in the body?
What are the 2 layers of the skin?
1. Epidermis
2. Dermis
What is in the dermis?
-Sweat glands
-Hair follicles
What are the skin's 3 functions?
1. Protection/hydration
2. Temp control
3. Convey environmental info
What are 2 types of fascia?
1. Superficial - under dermis
2. Investing - surrounds muscles or muscle groups to fascilitate synergistic actions.
What is the Soma?
The body wall
What does the body wall consist of?
Skin, Fascia, Muscle and Bone.
What is the costocoracoid membrane?
The superior portion of the clavipectoral fascia.
What pierces the costocoracoid membrane?
-Cephalic vein
-Thoracoacromial artery
-Pectoral nerve (lateral?)
What is the initial blood supply to the axilla?
Subclavian artery - as it crosses under the 1st rib it becomes the AXILLARY a.
What branches off section I of the axillary artery?
-Highest thoracic artery
What branches off section II of the axillary artery?
-Thoracoacromial trunk
-Lateral thoracic artery
What branches off section III of the axillary artery?
-Subscapular artery
-Anterior humeral circumflex
-Posterior humeral circumflex
What is the axillary artery named after passing teres major?
Brachial artery
What tissue does the breast arise from in human development?
Ectodermal tissue - the ectodermal ridge, from axilla to groin.
When does the ectodermal ridge develop?
At 6 weeks (after 5)
What is Polythelia?
The development of extra nipples.
What is Polymastia?
The presence of an extra breast along the ectodermal ridge.
What is amastia?
Absence of breast tissue.
What is Gynecomastia?
Abnormally large breasts in men.
What is the term for breast tissue extending into the armpit?
Tail of Spence
What are Coopers ligaments?
Suspensory ligaments - they suspend the breast from pectoral fascia to skin.
What will cause orange peel appearance of the breast?
Tumor growing and pulling on suspensory ligaments.
What are the 3 components of the APEX of the axilla?
1. 1st rib
2. Superior border of scapula
3. Clavicle
What are the 4 walls of the Axilla?
1. Medial = costal
2. Lateral = humeral
3. Anterior = Pectoral
4. Posterior = Scapular
What makes up the Medial wall?
Serratus Anterior
Ribs 2-6 - Intercostal mm.
What makes up the Lateral wall?
Humerus bicipital groove
What makes up the Anterior wall?
Superficial: pec major/fascia
Deep: pec minor, subclavius, and clavipectoral fascia.
What makes up the Posterior wall?
Subscapularis muscle
Latissimus dorsi
Teres major muscle.