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Dome of the Rock

691 CE, Jerusalem

circumambulatory design

embrace of luxurious ornamentation

Dome of the Rock, interior

691 CE, Jerusalem

Great Mosque

875, Qairouan, Tunisia

Reflects Islam's egalitarian message in its design-extension of house design

Medieval Treatise

1199, Iraqi

headings in Kufic, text in Nakshi

Bowl with Kufic Border

9-10th cen. Samarkand, Uzbekistan


Sultan Hasan Funerary Complex, interior, Qiblah wall.

1360 Cairo, Egypt

Eagle Brooch

6c, Visogothic

reflects northern (periphery of Rome) peoples' preference for small-scale, adorned objects in an abstracted style

Gummersmark Brooch

6c, Danish (Viking)


Sutton Hoo Purse Lid

Early Medieval, English

only metal parts afre original.

Style unaffected by Roman art

Book of Durrow

700 AD, Iona, Scotland

Page from book of Matthew

adopts northern aesthetic to Christian concept of physical world being unimportant

Aachen Cathedral, Interior

Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne

800 AD

Modeled after St. Vitale, but "made Northern", flattened angles

Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne

800 CE, Aachen, Germany (Carolingian)

Godelscalc Evangelistary

783 CE Aachen, Germany

St. Mark the Evangelist

Commissioned by Charlemagne and his wife Hildegard

Vienna Coronation Gospels

c.795 Aachen, Germany

Alleged to have been found on his C-Mayne's when his tomb was opened in 1000Use of light & shade to add depth

more "believable" 3d objects+use of landscape=departure

Lindau Gospels


stones may have been taken from jewelry to make it

Madgeburg Ivories

970 (Ottonian)

Otto I , presented by St. Maurice, presents Madgeburg Cathedral to Christ

St. Cyriakus, Exterior

West Facade

1000. Gernrode, Germany (Ottonian)

Recalls Santa Sobina and other Roman works

St. Cyriakus, interior

1000, Gernrode, Germany

altrnating columns and piers

Gero Crucifix

970, Cologne

marked "highest"/ holiest point behind and above priest

naturalistic, not "triumphant" Christ

Gospel Book of Otto III, Liuthar Gospels

990 Reichanau, Germany

deliberately avoids 3d space