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Hello (Annyeonghaseyo)

저는 ____ 입니다

My name is ____ (jeonun ___ imnida)

저는 한극말 잘 몰해요

I can not speak Korean well. (Jeonun hangukmal chal muhayo)

찬찬히 말씀해 주세요

Please speak slowly (chunchunhi malsemhae jeosayo)

다시 한번 말씀해 주세요

Can you please say that one more time (Dashi hanbon malsemhae jeosayo)

난 모르겠어요

I dont know (nan morugessoyo)

그것 하국말로 뭐라고 해요?

How do you say this in korean? (Kogo hangukmalo morogahaeyo?)

적어 주세요

Will you please write it down (Chogo jeosayo)