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Identification of carriers
For indv's with family history of genetic disorders
Offered to couple b4 having bebes > to make informed decisions
Social & ethical issues
Results could cause emotional stress...
False positives/negatives > decisions based on incorrect info...
Results could cause genetic discrimination > from employers & life insurance companies
Preimplantation diagnosis (PGD)
Embryos in IVF screened before implantation...

ADV: reduces chances of baby with a genetic disorder, avoids issues of abotion

DIS: other characteristics found > potential of designer babies, false results
Prenatal: amnocentisis
Sample of amniotic fluid (which includes fetal cells) analysed.
15-16 weeks of pregnancy
Prenatal: chronic villi sampling (CVS)
Sample of chronic villi (attaching baby to mum - containing fetal DNA) analysed
8-12 weeks of pregnancy
Prenatal testing: pros
Parents can make informed decisions: abortion, prepare for future care, medical treatment
Prenatal testing: cons
Increases chance of miscarriage (v small)...
False positives...
Unethical to abort a fetus - murder, everyone has the right to live, discrimination etc