Essay about Zora Neale Hurston

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     Throughout the history of our great nation, we have been blessed with many great writers those black and white. Some of these writers have left profoundly inspirational impressions on our lives, touching us in a way that will never be forgotten. During the “ “Roaring 20’s,” many new aspects of life were introduced to American society, forever changing our lives. Along with the “Roaring 20’s,” came the Harlem Renaissance, a cultural movement during which black art, literature, and music received much deserved credit. It originated in New York City's Harlem district and was also called the Black Renaissance, or New Negro Movement. It was quite common in African-American society for people to exchange tales and …show more content…
It in Eatonville that young Zora found a since of security and sort of a “heaven on earth” where blacks were free from white society and its influences. It was this type of community that kept Zora from experiencing any severe forms of racism early on in life. Zora spent many days of her youth listening to stories told by adults on the porch of Joe Clark’s store. As a child Zora’s mother encouraged her to be autonomous, inventive and to “jump at de sun.” Sadly when Zora was only nine she lost her beloved mother to a strenuous battle with an illness. The loss and its after effects were deeply felt by Zora and her siblings. Soon after her mother’s death John soon remarried and Zora was soon after passed from family member to family member like a “bad penny.” Her first stop was in Jacksonville, Mississippi, where her sister, Sarah was attending school. Often Zora’s bill would not be paid giving her no choice but to work cleaning kitchens after school and scrubbing stairs on Saturdays to save up for tuition. Shortly after Zora moved in with her sister, Sarah got married and left Zora when she moved to Palmetto. Several weeks after school had ended Zora’s father failed to send money for her return home leaving the school to pay for her homecoming.
     Once returned Zora, as well as her other siblings were then sent to live with friends and family members of

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