You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry Essay

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Computers and I have never gotten along. However, I am not the only one. Many people have trouble with computers and I am among those unfortunate souls. Like many others, when something goes wrong, I panic. Therefore, I created a mnemonic device to help, which is “Bounteous Sacrifices Bore Particular Rulers” which stands for the five steps on how to handle computer malfunctions for non-technically savvy people. The steps are breathe, stroke, baby-talk, plead, and restart. Each step has an important part to play in dealing with a computer issue. Breathe is to help calm down. Stroke, baby-talk, and plead use humor to calm a tense situation. Restart is the final and simplest step; you need to restart your computer in order to get it working …show more content…
However, what really connected bounteous for me was when you are angry and thinking of kings who were terrible at their jobs, King John, and how they would royally lose their temper at their subjects. I learned the hard way what happens when you do not use the breathe step. At the age of twelve, I was working on a laptop, and was having trouble with Excel. I got so frustrated that I threw the computer down and smashed the screen into pieces. If I had breathed, then my family would still have the laptop for several more years. However, there breathing stops being effective, humor can useful
Humor is a useful tool in memorization; humor also helps make bad situations a less tense. It can help especially when a poor unsuspecting owner of a computer is faced with a technical problem. When such an occasion occurs, the stroke, baby-talk and plead portion of “Bounteous Sacrifices Bore Particular Rulers”, becomes utmost worth. When a problem arises, you should start stroking and speaking to the computer with baby-talk in order to persuade it to start working in its traditional manner. One instance, was when my first laptop was frozen, I was frantically, saying, “You know you want to work, baby. You’re the best computer ever, aren’t you?” If unfortunately that does not work, you plead with the machine. For example, when my first computer broke, I started stroking my laptop, cooing softly “Baby don’t do

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