Essay on World's Demand for Fossil Fuels

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Worlds demand for fossil fuels
Social and economic development has brought an age of high energy consumption and demand. Over the last two hundred years energy consumption in the four economic sectors (residential & commercial, industrial, transportation and electric power) has increased globally and in the next two decades global energy use will rise significantly. Our energy use however depends in large part on fossil fuels, Despite the fact they are cause of serious environmental impact (contributing to green house gasses causing global warming), can be source of political tensions, and they are finite sources of energy. For this reasons there is investment in alternative sources of energy and renewable energy. These forms of energy
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Which can amount for 55 years of supply, and if we consider hypothetical reserves the lifespan of uranium becomes 200 year. This doesn’t differ much from the fossil fuels: In total lifespan coal is expected 200 to 400 years for example. There are plans to develop recycling nuclear reactors: breeder reactors and depending on the rate of nuclear energy use we could need them by 2050. What breeder reactors do is improve the efficiency of the reactors, which currently stand at 2% to 75 or more and this could significantly raise the lifespan of uranium to eighty thousands of years.
Breeder plants development however present several problems: associated in creating a uranium cycle joined with a recycling cycle (including the costs involved. Demonstrations of breeder plants were constructed in France and Japan. These have proven to be very expensive compared to normal reactors- and they are due to be shutdown. The very few breeder reactors that work at present produce less energy that the closed breeder reactor projects.
An alternative solution to the problem of the life span of nuclear reactors would be developing plants that work by fusion. Nuclear fusion is what operates at the core of stars. It generates phenomenal amounts of energy much more than fission does. Unfortunately nuclear fusion hasn’t gone beyond being a fancy concept, due to its immense technological and economical difficulties associated with it
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