Women's Brain Essay

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Women's Brain

When you look up the dictionary, the definition of 'Science' is "a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws" (Webster's dictionary). In order to make a truth, many scientists take the time to observe or test with scientific method. In nineteenth century, there are some incorrect truths even if it looks like truths logically arranged by scientific method because the scientists understood the priori that already assumed the outcome would be the same as their predictions. As I read Stephen Jay Gould's argument from "Women's Brains", he found some unequal conditions that supported scientific method for intelligence of man. Paul
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Broca simply believed that man had socially more dominant position than woman around the 19th century. This prejudice brought his assumption that men had bigger brain than women. However, Gould believed that science is "an inferential exercise, not a catalog of facts"(153). This interpretation contains that science should have logical and reasoning data. If scientists simply assume the outcome without logical and reasoning data, the result is to come out incorrect or miscalculated data, which is totally different from the fact or truth. Gould found there are three things that all incorrect in Broca's method such as age, height, and cause of death. These factors have an influence on the size of brain. However, Broca ignored those factors in his scientific measurement because of his social prejudice or assumption that male had prevailed in contemporary period. These miscalculated scientific methods are also involved with my field of study. Learning relationships between East and West is the most important things about the world from East Asian scientists' point of view because the relationship have been maintained since West colonized to most East countries in the 19th century. Westerner assumed that oriental countries portrayed as a woman with inferior position. This is called Orientalism that Westerner has been studied with prejudice about East countries. Edward Said's evaluation and critique of the set of beliefs are known as Orientalism forms an

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