Wolf Reintroductions Essay

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Wolves were once the most widely distributed mammal on the planet. With their exceptional ability to adapt, wolves occupied almost every habitat except tropical jungles. But with the arrival of humans, wolves numbers diminished. Systematic eradication programs were aimed at top predators; this, along with over-hunting of prey populations and habitat loss due to population encroachment, wolves were eliminated from most of the contiguous United States by the 1940s. In 1973 wolves were finally put under the protection by the Endangered Species Act, and just recently wolf populations are increasing due to wolf recovery and reintroduction projects.

Within the continental United States, gray wolves once ranged from East Coast to West
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This did not happen, when the moose picked up the scent, they sniffed the air briefly, then returned to their original activity after about 30 seconds. Though they believed that the moose may not learn to fear the new predators, they went along with the reintroduction program, and after the first pack was released, the moose got wise. After a few of the moose, or their offspring were eaten, the moose began to fear the wolves.

Now that wolves have been reintroduced, the project is facing some trouble. In 1997 William Downes, a U.S. District Court Judge, ruled that the wolf reintroductions in Yellowstone violated the Endangered Species Act. According to the act, special rules apply for wolf management, the reintroduced wolves need geographical seperated areas because the new wolves threaten the protected wolves that had naturally re-colonized northwestern Montana. The judge ordered that the reintroduced wolves be removed along with their offspring, but he stayed the order, pending appeal. The Justice Department filed an appeal, acting upon a request from the Department of the Interior, to the United States Tenth Circuit Court on February 5, 1998. On July 29, 1999, the Tenth U.S. District Court of Appeals made a final decision on the case, stating that the wolf reintroduction in

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