Essay about William Shakespeare as a Writer

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William Shakespeare as a Writer

Wherever we go today, we just can't seem to get away from him. He is in movies, in the theater, even on TV. Whether modernized or back in Elizabethan times, his influence is everywhere in the things we use for our entertainment. We think we know who he really was and what his life was all about. He almost seems immortal in our eyes. Who was William Shakespeare? Who was this man we still have placed on a pedestal almost four thousand years after he lived? Was he really the man that Hollywood glamorized? Shakespeare's life, work and controversies come together to form our beliefs of who this great writer really is. William Shakespeare is clouded with mystery. He was born in
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"Shakespeare died April 23, 1616, the same day as his supposed birth and was buried in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church April 25" (Gray 1). It is not know exactly when Shakespeare arrived in London. It is speculated to be sometime around 1591. It is here that Shakespeare the actor came to be known. The first evidence of Shakespeare appearing on stage was in 1594 with Lord Chamberlain's Men. "It is also not known when he started writing for sure, but he rapidly established himself as an actor and scriptwriter, probably freelance, working for several theater troops" (Kay 141). His first official publication appeared in 1593 while all of the theaters were closed for the plague. This was Venus and Adonis, which will be discussed later. The most information we have about Shakespeare is the plays and poems he has written. His plays are probably the best well known. "His imagination was stirred greatly by a wide range of theatrical models such as mystery plays, ancient drama and the drama of the generations immediately preceding him" (Kay 43). The histories and tragedies almost always claim at some level to be true, to be based on real events. His comedies often stress fictional situations and proclaim their relation to literary traditions. The first recorded play written by Shakespeare is thought to be Two Gentlemen of Verona. Love's Labour's Lost was the first script

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