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The movie 'Wild Child'; is a movie based on a child left behind in the woods by his own parents in 1798. Attempted to kill the infant, but some how survived. And lived on his own from 4 or so to around 12. Then he was found by local resident who lived where the "wild child" survived at. And then taken in a 'National instuted deaf care.'; This delinquent relates to the phrase 'nature vs. nurture.';
     The "Wild child" was taken in mistaken as a deaf child. Who also couldn't talk. Commutates is his own form of language. He has a unknown behavior of his own. They came to the recollotion that he was abnormal from the other patients. The nurses had a hard time because he was behaving in a
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This lead to his realization that he is a human being not a wild tree climber.
     The Doctor thoroughly examine he's behavior. Searching to find different techniques to teach the young juvenile. By using 'behaviorism';, he require him to learn in a secluded enviorment. There is different kinds of teaching a child to behave a certain way. The doctor was trying to instruct the child in everyday knowledge. For example if a child learns/folllow instruction, the child was rewarded positively. Also the instructor teaches how to speck and pronounce the 'ABC';. He also made him to recognize different shaped objects.
     The 'Wild child'; tries to escape the deaf institute by running away. Finally realizing he was rather be at the institute where people given him support and caring. Then he went back institute where he could now label it as home and the doctor took him in. Looking as same as the other children. He's now out from the wilderness and into modernization.
     In the movie 'The Wild child" many difference shown in 'Nature versus Nurture';. In nature the child was very independent, nobody supporter to nurture him. This is opposite being nurture because someone is taking care of you and give you support. This shows regardless of where you classified under, when people are placed in highly different diffultity to understand -

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