Essay on Why Whistleblowers Should Be Protected

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Wrongdoings happen all around the world. Whether on a small or large scale, immoral practices such as abuse of power, cheating, money laundering, etc. are common in almost all of the countries. Whenever these cases happen, many people are bribed into concealing the secret and do so as they are told. This act causes that particular practice to grow and do even more damage to society while still being unknown to the innocent public. Although, there is almost always a person involved who is against the practice and wants to reveal what’s happening to world. Unfortunately, those who speak out, also known as whistleblowers, end up facing harsh consequences. What did these people do wrong? The point being, Whistleblowers should be protected …show more content…
S army private, helped uncover the unethical activity of the U.S Military soldiers overseas. To be more specific, he leaked the “Collateral Murder” video which showed the merciless killings of more than a dozen innocent people who were mistaken to be terrorists by an army unit in Baghdad. As a result, people revolted against the U.S military for their actions. Many argued the unit’s actions to be against the law. In an article by Marjorie Cohn, Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, wrote, “In fact, the actions depicted in “Collateral Murder” contain evidence of three violations of the laws of war set forth in the Geneva Conventions, which amount to war crimes.” (Cohn). Despite all the support for Manning, he was sentenced thirty-five years in prison in violation of The Espionage Act. What was his crime again? Looking forward, granting protection to every whistleblower will help benefit the future business world. In an article by freelance writer Angie Mohr, she stated, “Knowing that employees can report any suspicious corporate activities has had an impact on companies' operations.” (Mohr). If this trend continues and protection is given to whistleblowing, it will be positively publicized and will almost definitely have a positive effect on how many businesses operate in the future. In spite of the positive aspects of whistleblowing, many people have argued that whistleblowers are traitors and should be

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