Why Video Games Give Positive Effects to People Essay

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Video games, are they a godsend or are they a menace? Research has shown that they are, in fact, doing a lot of good for the human race. Effects such as better memory, increased hand-eye coordination, and a greater cognition are a few notable examples that video games have been shown to improve. The implications of video games on people are positive because it has effects such as better memory, it gives an increase to hand eye coordination and it helps people relieve the stress that they accumulate during the day. To begin, the effects of video games on people are positive because it gives a beneficial outcome of a better memory. A recent study done by neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley has shown that the answer is yes, it is good for us. …show more content…
The senior citizens had actually retained the skills they gained after playing neuroracer for a month. This type of brain training could be a leap in human cognitive therapy, maybe even a cure for something as bad as Alzheimer or dementia (Jha, 2013). This article started off well, having a well-proportioned hypothesis of do videogames help with the cognitive abilities of an elderly adult? This is a reasonably up front hypothesis that is freely testable. This hypothesis is met with some disagreement before it even began though. Some criticism came from those who speculated that videogames would not make much of a difference in the minds of the elderly. This is due to the fact that other treatments to help the elderly, with cognitive delay has failed time and time again. This experiment is well laid out, using a different measure of trials, and numerous periods of time. Adam took 174 participators in his first experiment and recorded the brain activity of each of them using an electroencephalography cap. He had the 174 participants play a specifically designed cognitive training game called Neuroracer, and these participators were between the ages of 20-70. The use of multiple age groups was a smartly devised plan, as it gave Adam and his team discrete types of brains, at diverse stages of life. Adam

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