Essay on Why the USA Become Involved in Vietnamin the 1950s and 1960s

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Why the USA Become Involved in Vietnamin the 1950s and 1960s

In the 19th century France owned a huge part of South East Asia. This area was known as Indo- China. During the Second World War, Japanese troops occupied this area. Local people did not want to be ruled by foreigners so they organised resistance groups. One of them was the Viet Minh. It was mainly a communist group, led by Ho Chi Minh.

Japan surrendered on August 15th 1945. Soon after that Ho Chi Minh announced that Vietnam was an independent republic. The French wanted to keep Vietnam in their empire so French troops returned to Southern Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh's Viet Minh was not going to let the French retake Vietnamwithout a fight.
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This is one of the reasons why the USA got involved in Vietnam. They feared the spread of communism. This is stated in the dominos theory. This theory basically explains that if Vietnam were to turn communist then it would spread to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand turning the whole of South East Asia communist. USA did not want these countries to turn communist because as they were an industrial country they did not have a good supply of raw materials. This is something Indonesia had and the USA needed. If Vietnam turned communist Indonesia would be one of the next targets therefore making it an independent country stopping trade with USA leaving them with no materials.

Diem's government was mainly made up of Roman Catholic landowners. Diems rule was harsh and his government was unpopular with the peasants, many of whom were Buddhists. His government was also extremely corrupt: the money the Americans sent to help Diem's government was used to bribe Diem's friends. The USA sent arms too; some of them were even sold to the communists. By 1960 whole areas of South Vietnam were in open rebellion. That same year the NLF (National Liberation Front) was set up to oppose Diem; its members were mostly communist and received help from Vietnam. The South Vietnamese government called them the Vietcong. A war was developing between the

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