Why The Common Core: Benefits for Students Essay

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The Common Core Standards of Mississippi is an excellent way to educate Students in today’s society. This new way of education is believed to be the best method of teaching our young people the skills they will need to know to be successful as they enter into college or the workforce. The Common Core Standard seeks to establish consistent education across the United States.
The effectiveness of the Common Core Standards in Mississippi is that children will be learning by way of useful thinking skills rather than just memorizing text from books. The standards teach children the skills and capabilities that are demanded in the workforce and colleges around the globe. The common Core Standards are a set of goals set for each grade level. The
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The Common Core Standards were implemented in Mississippi to help students fully succeed in the future. The standards were developed through a state-led initiative directed by governors and state school chiefs. The Standards were developed for each grade level to prepare students to meet expectations by graduation. These standards lead to proficiency in English-language arts and mathematics for grades K-12. The standards were developed by a thoughtful and transparent process led by the National Governors Association and Council for Chief State School Officers. The process relied on teachers, experts from across the country (including Mississippians), and feed -back from key stakeholders and the general public. NGA and CCSSO received nearly
10,000 comments in response to the draft standards, which were incorporated into the standards. (Mississippi Department of Education, 2012). “The Standards are effective in Mississippi because they will provide appropriate academic benchmarks for all students to succeed regardless if they choose to enter college or go straight into the workforce. The standards incorporate the best and highest of previous state standards in the U.S. and are internationally benchmarked to the top performing nations around the world. Students will learn the skills and abilities demanded by the workforce of today and the future. The standards emphasize critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills.” (Mississippi Department of

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