Essay on Why Music is Important

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Why Music is Important

Music education is important for several different reasons. Music is a very valuable resource for students and teachers alike. Research has shown that musical study improves a child's early cognitive development, basic math and reading abilities, SAT scores, ability to work in teams, as well as spatial reasoning skills (VH1, 2003, para4). Music helps students to achieve in areas of intelligence. “Feis, Revecz, the Pannenborgs, Miller, and others are unanimous in finding that musicality and high intelligence go together” (Mursell & Glenn, 1931, p. 20). Studies have shown that preschool children taught with music and songs have an average 10 to 20 points over those without, and by the age of 15 have higher
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In reality, music students had a higher percentage than expected. It has been shown that 29.5 percent of students elected as a class officer were music students, as opposed to the 22.8 percent expected. Also, 28.6 percent received academic honors, and 27.2 received recognition for good grades, versus the 22.8 percent that were expected (Morrison, 1994, figure3). Studies have shown that students involved in music programs have higher self-esteem than those not participating in music programs. There is literature on music therapy and music education that describes activities and exercises that indicate that music is an effective way to enhance self-esteem in children and adults (Kalandyk, 1996, p.56). “Some studies clearly indicated that when parallel activities were undertaken in ‘musical’ and ‘nonmusical’ groups, the subjects from ‘musical’ groups obtained higher scores in areas related to self-esteem, such as social interaction, participation, self-expression, peer acceptance and group cohesiveness” (Kalandyk, 1996, p.172). This goes to show that music has an affect on all different areas of life, including academic and honors recognitions.

Music has an effect in other aspects of life as well. For example, music influences success in society. Students in bands or orchestras were shown to have had

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