Why Home Schooled Students Should Have Access to Extracurricular Activities

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Over the years I was plagued with questions about my homeschooling: “You mean you don’t go to school?” Or my favorite: “So you wake up whenever you want?”, both of which are good questions for this obscure child that doesn’t “go to school”. I was weird. Although I assumed this was simply the childish reaction, there was always part of me that dreaded the question, even from adults. Why had my parents chosen this for me? Religious reasons? Inferior public schooling? Really it boiled down to the belief that they could better tailor my education and develop a more creative and energetic mind in their children. Homeschooling was the difficult but sacrificial choice my parents made for my siblings and I, and we thank them for it. Although …show more content…
Although homeschoolers are often the brunt of many jokes for being nerdy, socially inept and fashionably challenged, we do not have to rely on these stereotypes for an accurate understanding. There have been many surveys conducted over the years, several establishing homeschoolers and their education and academic abilities in a positive light. In her article “Home Schooling Debate” Rachel Cox, a contributor for CQ researcher, touts the academic success of homeschoolers “In 2000...home-schooled children took home the top three trophies in the prestigious Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee, just a week after other home-schoolers won four of the top ten spots at the National Geographic Society's geography bee” (Cox). This is ‘just spelling” some could say, but another angle is SAT scores, in which “the homeschool[ers] have scored, on average, at the 65th to 80th percentile on standardized academic achievement tests, compared to the national school average of the 50th percentile…(Ray). Clearly not only are the homeschooled children placing in organized educational competitions but they generally score higher on standardized tests as well. In an article by Julia Lawrence discussing the growing number of homeschool families, she point out the “achievement gaps, long plaguing school systems around the country, aren’t present in the homeschooling environment. There’s no difference in achievement between sexes, income

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