Why Do People Cheat? Essay

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Why Do People Cheat?

"I’m preparing for the real world. Business is unethical. Cheating is just good training. I’ll be better able to handle what’s put at me when I get out." "‘Oh, it’ll only be this once’ or ‘Everyone else does it, so why shouldn’t I?’" Sly glances at a neighbor’s work, an open book on the lap, or even high-technology methods—the resources of the cheater are many and varied. Whatever the methods, there are many statements like those above to justify cheating. For example, in the United States, surveys show that more than half of all students cheat, or have cheated, during their school years.
Cheating, though, is a problem almost everywhere and everyone at one time or another has cheated. But why is cheating so
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As in the story The Extremes of Honor: "academy ever anticipated the find of pressure that the class of 1994 would have to withstand.....stealing and studying a copy of an exam for a notoriously difficult course--eventually enmeshed 133 midshipmen." (Brock 312-313) For several reasons. One is the risks involved. Indeed, the consequences can be far-reaching when the fact that a student has cheated becomes part of his permanent record. As a director of campus judicial programs explains: "Any student committing an act of academic dishonesty will run a serious risk of harming future educational and employment opportunities." (McCabe 289) A friend of mine named Jeff had this experience. He explains: "I was caught plagiarizing in the spring of my junior year, and I just couldn’t get my English teacher to forget it." !

As it turned out, he was not able to get into another school that he wanted to attend.

But even if you are not discovered or the danger of being punished is minimal, cheating has other, long-term consequences. A young girl, for example, cheated in mathematics. Did it help her? She says: "I still failed the quiz. I didn’t learn anything from it." (Albas 22) Her failure may have opened her eyes. But would she have learned any more if the cheating had worked? No, the cheat is the loser at least in one area: the benefit of learning while in school. Anyone who acts this way runs a grave risk of having serious problems later in life. If someone has gained a

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