Why Americans Are Abandoning Their Religions? Essay

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Believing in the existence of god or a higher power was always an idea and habit humans practiced for thousands of years. People always believed that beyond the high sky that above their heads there is/are powerful, great, and unique creator/s called god/gods had created that big universe and he is the secret behind our existence. As a result of the lack of evidence to support the existence of god, people had created varieties of religions and worshiped many different gods. There are thousands of religions in this world, but according to how many are there website, there are twenty-one major beliefs in 2013 and each religion contains multiples branches. Christianity, Islam and nonreligious are the largest belief systems. People are …show more content…
Americans are relinquishing their religions, discarding their scriptures, and abandoning their temples gradually. Reasons behind Americans are losing their faith in the existence of their god varies depending on the believer and the belief that been followed. However, the most common reason behind lacking of belief regardless of the religion that been followed is scientific revolution. Atheists believe that religions were created to explain the meaning of life and finding solutions for the questions that people could not explain by themselves. Atheists claim that many Americans have lost faith in religions and the existence of god, because they got out of the box that blocked their vision from seeing reality; they started to look for reasons and facts behind incidents. Religions provided unreasonable explanations about the world while science replaced religions’ explanations with solution that have evidence to back them up. Many people had looked for scientific evidence or proof of god’s existence, but they failed to find any. All evidences that refer to god’s existence are contained in old books that are full of contradictions, scientific errors, and fantasy. For example the Bible contradicts itself in many different aspects and contains many scientific errors. The Bible had mentions multiple times that the Earth is flat, contains edges, and four corners. One of the scientific mistakes that the bible had mentioned, “And he shall set up an ensign for the

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