Who is Responsible for Preventing Bullying in Schools? Essay

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Most adults when reflecting on their school days, may evoke imagery of the taller than average, out of form classmate, chuckling along the hallways carelessly. Like an alligator ready to prance on his prey, he seeks students that appear smaller and weaker to tease and forcefully take their possessions. The appropriate term to describe the student who performed these menacing acts is a bully. However, present day bullies may be more than an individual or group that most students dread to encounter in the hallway and playground. Unfortunately, bullying occurs on a broader and more infectious level. With the advancement in technology, bullying in school has extended from the usual classroom episodes of intimidation to derogatory comments …show more content…
On a recent episode of the Doctor Phil show, a fifteen-year-old student and her best friend shared their story. One young woman said that a group of students teased her about her weight and called names daily. The other young woman said, “I got tired of them messing with her.”Choked up with tears she continued share, “I decided to step up and I told them, leave her alone she is my friend and I will not let you treat her this way” Both teenagers were physically assaulted by the group and the matter was later reported to the police. Our modern society overflows with examples of bullying behavior, even among adults. On the daily news, there are reports of one individual running over another person with his car because they unable to decide who was going to park in a particular parking space. Critics blame the evolution of violent film and video games. However, violent videos games and films do not purchase themselves. Parents and family members purchase them and they permit students involvement in these activities. The shift in appearance of classic bullying behavior to a sophisticated unrecognizable façade has caused occurrences to go unnoticed. Uninformed individuals may easily conclude that the child who bully’s is from a poorer class or low to no income family. These

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