Essay on When Do We Mature and the Drinking Age

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At exactly what age does a person become mature? It has been said many times that girls mature faster than boys? However, not always is that the truth. More and more these days’ boys are getting jobs before they even turn sixteen. Girls on the other hand typically do not get one until they are at least sixteen and most wait until college. Another example is a high school junior that has met all his criteria and would like to graduate early, at the age of seventeen, and go off to college. If he is allowed to make that decision, would you consider that mature since it is before the legal age of eighteen? Now, you have to consider the fact that he is working on a degree in whatever he desires, that most fifteen year olds have not even …show more content…
That problem could be made even worse when his father or mother drink as well, teaching him that drinking is perfectly acceptable at any time. Of course not everyone believes that the only time you should drink is when you are celebrating something; however, drinking casually will give a not fully matured teenager the wrong impression of alcohol. The younger the age, the younger the teen will not recognize his drinking problem making his future very alcohol dependable. “A third of those who become dependent before the age of eighteen wait ten years or more after the onset of dependence before seeking help” (Scoop).
What if there was not a limit? Doing away with the limit completely is a possibility. A foreign exchange student at my high school one year said that the country she is from has no such limit. They feel that if there is not a limit, then alcohol will not become a substance that certain ages take advantage of. It builds more trust and responsibility if the country or state allows all ages to set their own limit. A parent or guardian could still set their own limit and if their children break the limit then they can take away their rights fully, but only until they turn eighteen. Maybe if the United States would have started with that idea many years ago, then this century would not have so many underage

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