What's The Construction Schedule Optimization? Essay

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the construction industry is notorious of overrunning budget and delays. there are several real life examples of the aforesaid failures. It is argued that planning is the key for success or failure. Eisenhower the former U.S president in his famous quote said "In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable". The planning is divided to three levels starting from the strategic planning, tactical planning and operational planning. Organisations' success is dependent of the formulation of good planning and aligning the planning levels from the top all the way down.

Strategic, Tactical Operation Pyramid [1]

In construction the company strategy is formulating the policy of the
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In a typical construction project the Owner of the project will usually target to minimize the project duration for several reasons such as reducing their finance cost, avoiding tenants compensations and several other reasons. While the contractor will always strive to reduce their costs in order to maximize their profit. This time-cost trade-off problems is suitable to be solved by optimization techniques.

The aforementioned time-cost trade-off was subject to extensive research efforts and satisfactory results of these researches were achieved. The research efforts then were expanded after identifying a problem of decrease of quality with the duration are crashed. El Rayes and Kandil (2005) included quality in the model to extend the trade-off to time-cost-quality trade-off optimization problem. They quantified the quality by using measurable KPIs and using weights to measure the overall quality performance.

The optimization techniques can be classified to four main categories (Singiresu, 2009) which are listed as follow:
• Mathematical Optimization such as, Linear, Quadratic and Dynamic programming; and
• Stochastic process techniques such as Markov and simulation; and
• Statistical Methods such as regression and cluster analysis; and
• Nontraditional optimization techniques such as Genetic Algorithm, Ant Colony, Fuzzy Optimization, Neural Networks, etc..

In the attempt to solve the optimization problem of construction scheduling several methods were

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